Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monthly To-Do List....November Update

Let's see how we did on our monthly TO DO LIST for November.


* Pay Bills  DONE and Done.  As always. ;-)

* Bike Something  FAIL  Let me confess that I did nothing on the bike. sigh.  I have so fallen out of this habit.  I WILL make an effort to get back into it in December despite it being the month of Holiday Madness.

* Read 1 Book  DONE.  A tome called "California Romance".   It's really 3 interconnected historical romance stories.  Not my cup of tea usually(except for the history angle)and I almost put it down as the religious overtones were offputting so I just skimmed over those parts.   Funny to combine a "bodice ripper" with religion and history.....not too much sex detail given the religious overtones which suited me fine.  A true escape type book which is what I required last month.

* Sew a Shirt  FAIL  Just no time/no desire.  I am taking this one off the lists until further notice because with the craziness that IS December, this isn't happening anytime soon. 8-)

* List Items on eBay  FAIL  I did do some research on selling prices and then decided it wasn't worth the effort.  eBay has changed again(for the worse)in the last few years while I have been away from it.  I may put a few things up on my town's Facebook tag sale site instead in December.  I am thinking I'll have better luck and less work doing that.

* Shred Papers  FAIL  Boy, this is turning into a stellar FAIL month isn't it? lolz  Just didn't get around to it in November.  Leaving on the list for December as it needs to be done.

* Hold Giveaway  DONE  Yep it got offered up.....

* Mail Giveaway  DONE  After a little difficulty contacting the winner(it was Thanksgiving after all)the box was shipped out promptly and received.  It was also nice that the winner emailed me that it had arrived and thanked me.  This doesn't always happen but it very good manners. ;-)

* Finish SA Donation  DONE

Among the goodies sent to Salvation Army were new in the box Christmas ornaments.  Perfect time of the year to let these things go. 8-)

* Take Donation In  DONE  A nice sized load was taken in Thanksgiving weekend.

* Scrub Kitchen Cabinets  DONE sort of.  I didn't get all of them finished so will work on the rest in December.

* Get Blood Work  DONE  Ouch.

* Go to 1 Dr. Appointment  DONE  My biannual appointment with my primary doctor.  Went over test results and medication changes. I got 2 count 'em 2 High Fives for my stellar test results and my work on my diet and my clean living.  Sluggy is an old fart stick-in-the-mud lately. ;-)

* Plan Turkey Day Meal  DONE  And I didn't break the bank buying the ingredients(though I did go over budget for the month).

* Cook Turkey Day Meal  DONE

And it seemed to be enjoyed by all.

* Clean Dining Room  DONE  This had to be done so we could eat on Turkey.  It has since been taken over by wrapping paper, bows, scissors, tape and mysterious bags holding gifts yet to be wrapped. (This is my Xmas wrapping staging area.)

* Clean Living Room  DONE  The living room was tidied and cleaned more than fully cleared out.  This clear out will happen in December to make room for the Xmas tree.

* Take Food Bank donation In  DONE
Here's the rest of what I gathered to take in before the month was out in addition to what I showed y'all last month......

Don't forget to add paper goods, laundry needs and toiletries to your Food Bank donation. 

Folks in financial straits many who are on SNAP benefits can't pay for those non-food items with SNAP funds so buying laundry detergent, TP and toothpaste, needs for most people, empty wallets quickly.

I also like to include condiments when I can because besides canned meats and peanut butter, condiments are a most requested need here.  At least locally, the charity funds used to buy bulk food to stock the food banks either aren't allowed or just don't buy condiments.(I guess ketchup, relish, mustard, barbecue sauce and mayo aren't considered nutritionally adequate or healthy enough to relegate the institutional monies to their purchase.)  Sometimes a bit of a condiment type item can make a bland meal a bit more appetizing. ;-)

So there you have it, my November To-Do List outcome.
A real mixed bag really.

How did you do with your Things to Accomplish in November?



  1. As usual you are thinking about others. You are a good person. Did you ever think anyone would know? Hee hee

  2. At list you make lists - Maybe I should do this next year.

  3. You did great this month. Kudos to you on all of the donations. I am not sure Ebay is worth it either unless you have access to lots of things for a store.


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