Friday, December 9, 2016

It's Always Something

So Tuesday night Hubs took a bad spill on the driveway while shoveling snow.

This resulted in a ride in an ambulance and a night spent in the ER(and then a ride home for me).

Wednesday was all about waiting around for determinations to be made after X-rays and CT scans(they confirmed a bad spiral fracture of the tibia and the fibula) and then for an OR so the orthopedic surgeon could shove a metal rod into Hubs leg.

By Thursday morning Hubs was no longer screaming with pain.  I suspect that smile is mostly drug induced.

He'll have the nickname of Gimpy for 12-16 weeks and I'll be Miss "Step N' Fetch-It" and Miss "Chauffeur to Medical Appointments" once he gets home.

Hubs can't put weight on the leg for 6 weeks and then will get a walking boot.
Daughter and I started rearranging the furnitures last night as Hubs can't climb the stairs and will have to stay downstairs.
Luckily we put College Boy's old daybed in the living room when Daughter moved back home for the dog to spend her days lounging on.  The dog is being displaced from her throne for the time being.

And I am so glad now that we decided to put the small Xmas tree up in the living room and not the full sized one.  Hubs will have a walker until he heals and maneuvering around the downstairs will be easier.

Luckily he can work from home but all our travel plans for Christmas are now off. sigh.
Daughter's birthday dinner out next week is also in jeopardy or at least delayed into the new year.
I applauded him on his impeccable timing of "this". lolz

I guess Hubs was due for a "break"(bad pun intended)since the last time he rode in an ambulance/went to the ER/had surgery was when he was 12.

He said he was tired of playing second banana to me every time we had to go to the ER and wanted all the attention for once.
Well, he got it.  And I think it cured him of wanting to be the center of chaos for awhile.

I am fine.  Just worn out with anxiety and worry.
And waiting for the pile of medical bills to arrive.  Not exactly what I wanted in my mailbox for Christmas but hey, we've hit our maximum out of pocket medical payments for the year so basically the bills until Jan. 1 are all paid 100% by our insurer. 8-)
And I am guessing we'll hit our high deductible figure quite early in 2017 now. 8-(

And this too shall pass.



  1. Here's to a rapid recovery. Best thoughts to you.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he heals quickly, and that the recovery is a painless as possible for both of you. ;-)

  3. Oh. Sluggy. Those broken legs are awful and so immobilizing. I'm sorry to hear of the accident, and all the upheaval in life. You know, life though has a way of working out. Now is the time for your daughter and BF to really step up and help out, giving you four extra hands and those running fetch and chauffeuring legs. Imagine if this happened and you were alone-small mercies? Sending good thoughts and prayers for all of you-and hope you all can still scrape a good holiday out of this unfortunate injury.

  4. OMG Sluggy, I am so sorry that he got so badly hurt. It's been a bad year for Hubby's this year. I am thankful that you have your daughter and the BF there to take some of the burden off of you. Just having my boys come and spend time with me when Hubby was in the
    hospital was such a comfort to me. So I am glad that they are with you. If you need someone to chat with I am always available. You know my e-mail.

    I will be praying that Hubby heals quickly and well and for you too. And knowing you, Christmas will be the best ever because you will do it for everyone. But please take care of yourself too.

  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear this and hoping for a quick recovery for your DH is shoveling the driveway as I type this...

  6. SO so sorry, Denise. : (
    Hope DH is soon on the mend.
    Life throws some curve balls, doesn't it?
    Take care of yourself in the meantime.

  7. Oh wow I am so sorry for everyone! As much as the leg break hurts, being the fetcher, bearer, nurse is not always fun either. Seriously hope your patient is a good one!

  8. Sluggy I am so sorry. Poor darling. That is an awful break. Men are such horrible healers. Can I do anything for you? Do I need to send Christmas baking, like cookies an crap so you don't have to do it? Tell him how sorry Joel and I are about this.

  9. You might even be able to deduct medical bills when you do your taxes, to look on the bright side. I'm sorry about the accident and what it does to your plans, but I grew up in the Midwest and we say, It could always be worse.


  10. Oh no! Poor hubs (& you! ha!) Maybe Santa should bring him some of those traction contraptions LLBean sells to put on the bottom of your shoes/boots to keep from slip-sliding in the snow & ice. I bought my dad a pair & he swears they are the greatest thing ever! I'm sure you are going to make the perfect nurse! ;-)

  11. Oh Denise, this is very bad news. I am so, so sorry. I'm sending prayers your way.
    God speed.....!!!!!

  12. Sending good thoughts to you and your husband for healing. Having suffered from a catastrophic knee injury several years ago with a similar amount of recovery time required, it will be a long haul for both of you, and not always easy. I look back in wonder now of all my husband took care of for all that time, so be sure to take care of yourself too. I'm glad to read you will be able to enjoy the holidays together at home, and that you are easily able to set up the house to accommodate your husband's care. It is always something, isn't it?

  13. Oh my gosh! Poor hubby! That damn snow! GRRR! 12-16 weeks is a long time. I hope he doesn't go stir crazy. I agree with Sam. It's time for everyone to pitch in and help so it doesn't all fall on you. I'm glad though that your insurance will cover most of it.'s always something... but at least he's okay and on the mend. Take care of yourself too! Don't stress too much. Hugs!

  14. Hope your dh feels better soon. Just remember his accident and recovery will be worse than anything that has happened to you. Cheryl

  15. If he is a typical man you will be ready to break his other leg before this id over. Been there. I hope you retain your sanity. You have my sincere sympathy. And hubby too, of course.

  16. Hope he heals quickly. It sounds awful.

  17. Hope your DH has a smooth recovery and he doesn't wear you out!

  18. Oh, no. I'm so sorry for your hubby and his nurse! I hope his healing and convalescence go smoothly.

  19. sending good thoughts to your husband

  20. Awwww crap Sluggy! What a way to end the year. But as always you have everything under control and have made all the necessary adjustments. Hope it doesn't make too much of a kink in your bargain shopping!

  21. So sorry to hear this! Sending healing thoughts to your husband and good thoughts to you. So sorry you have to go through this.

  22. Sluggy, I'm just catching up on blog writing. I'm so sorry that your husband had to go through this. I'm even more sorry that you need to go through this. I hope you don't run yourself ragged, and he heals quickly

  23. Sorry to hear about Hubby's mishap. Hope he heals Been there done that on the step n fetch duty.


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