Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happenings This Past Week at Chez Sluggy

What a week!

I am worn out.
Between my usual stuff(cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and deal hunting)and all my new caregiver chores, plus all the Holiday "getting ready" stuff,  it doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging OR "me" time.
Just sitting down, closing my eyes and doing nothing for 10 minutes is my idea of heaven lately.

On Tuesday we had some excitement since it was my Daughter's 24th birthday.
She wanted to go out to the newish Mexican restaurant that opened up here earlier in the year.  This worked out well since I had a $25 gift certificate I had bought a few months ago for a 50% discount.

Daughter had a shot and a beer to start things off and then some dish with a mole sauce with a side of fried plantain.

I'm not a big Mexican food fan but it was Taco Tuesday($2 tacos)so I got 3 tacos(1 carne asada/2 al pastor) and a side of rice and beans.

This restaurant is sort of dark inside so when my tacos came I put some lime and a verde sauce on and started munching down.
A few bites into taco #1 I noticed it tasted funny.....funny bad.
By the time I finished taco #1 it finally hit me-Cilantro!

I thought the green on top was finely shredded lettuce or parsley but no, it was fresh cilantro.

It turns out that I am one of the 4-14% of the population on earth who share a group of olfactory-receipt genes called OR6A2, that pick up on the smell of aldehyde chemicals that are both found in cilantro and soap.

Yes, cilantro makes food taste like Ivory soap to me.

So I spent some time picking all the cilantro out of my tacos.....

The Daughter happily ate my inedible tacos and she gave me a few bits of her enchiladas and mole sauce.  1 soapy taco, a few bits of enchilada and my rice and beans was plenty for me.

Then since I mentioned that it was Daughter's birthday, the staff came out to sing Happy Birthday, make her wear a sombrero and attempted to set the building on fire with a firecracker in her slice of cake...EEK!

After extinguishing the rocket Daughter ate her cake and I paid the bill and we made the treacherous drive home up the mountain in a snowstorm.
Fun times.....
Of course I had to get in on the hat action too. ;-)

On Wednesday I managed to roll some more coins.........

Another $10 added to my rolled coins for the year bringing me to $97.50.
So close to $100 in coins for the year.

On Wednesday we also got a delivery of meat.......

My brother and his wife sent us an Omaha Steaks gift bundle for Christmas.
Unexpected but yummy.

Of course it would have been nice to know I was getting 18 lbs. of frozen foods ahead of time so I could make sure I had room in the freezer for it all!!

Luckily, this time of year, my entire garage can sub for a deep freezer since it's below freezing here in PA.
Between eating some of this the past 4 days and making room in the freezer we've about made room for what is left.  Of course we saved the steaks first!! lolz

On Thursday Hubs had his 1 week post op appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.

 Here's the x-ray from the ER.  Oh he did a fine job breaking that leg, yes he did!
Spiral fractures of both bones...ouch.

Here's the x-ray taken after a metal rod was inserted into Hubs leg plus some screws into his ankle area during surgery.........

The leg in real life with sutures at various spots.  The incision on the knee is where the metal rod or "nail" was put in.

The next day Hubs went on YouTube and tried to watch a video of the surgery he had.  When the doctor started hammering the metal nail into the patient's knee he had to turn it off. lolz

Hmm, another patient in the casting room who didn't look too well.....hehehe

We go back in 2 weeks to get Hubs' sutures out.
We won't talk about how I almost killed Hubs once we got home, getting him from the car to the house.  No we won't go there......

Friday evening Daughter went to pick up College Boy from school after her last final exam.  College Boy's exams were finished on Thursday so he got to party before leaving for Winter break.  They beat a snowstorm that was heading East that evening/early Saturday morning.

Saturday and Sunday was cleaning, cooking, laundry, patient care-the usual.  Throw in some shopping and meeting folks who bought 2 of the fragrance sets I sold on the local FB yard sale site and it was a bursting full weekend.

Remember those fragrance sets I bought at Rite-Aid?  Well "buy" isn't quite accurate since I paid with Plenti points and received cash rebates too.  Ok, I "spent down "$21.74 in points when all was said and done.
I sold two of the sets for $22 cash so now I "made" .26¢ on that transaction plus I still have two fragrance sets for free to use for gifts.  That all worked out exceptionally well! 8-)))

A few Christmas cards got written and addressed as well on Sunday and they got mailed on Monday.

On Monday Hubs had his eye dr. appointment and shot. ouch.
I shlepped him into the car, out of the car and into the dr. office, back and forth in a wheelchair through the humongous office from waiting rooms to exam rooms and back again x 4.  Then he had a reaction to the shot so we got to visit at the office for an extra 30 minutes.
Fun times.....
Then it was shlepping him back into the car to home and back into the house.
I don't know who was more exhausted after that excursion, Hubs or me.

As for the Christmas tree..............

A space I cleared out for the tree.

It is up and lit, albeit fuzzy.........

I am glad now we decided to put up the small tree instead of the huge tree.  With the big tree up it would be difficult for Hubs to navigate with his walker in there where he is sleeping/recuperating.

Perhaps a few ornaments will actually get ON the tree this week if I do it.
Nobody here(the kids)seems to want to decorate and I just am stretched too thin to do it at the moment.
I bet if I said that no presents would be under the tree unless they decorated it that would get their butts in gear, eh?

And that catches everyone up on the highlights of a Week at Chez Sluggy.

I am soooo behind getting Christmas related chores finished at this point I can't worry about that any longer.
What gets done, gets done and what doesn't, well, it too will get done eventually...or not.

Maybe I just need to get lit like the tree and stop worrying about anything else. ;-)

I hope everyone is doing better than I am at keeping up.
All I can say is if you aren't in shape for the Holidays yet, don't sweat it.
Don't be so hard on yourself and just enjoy the season no matter.



  1. Oh Sluggy, can I just say that you are amazing! Your husband and kids are so blessed that you are theirs. I hope that you can get some rest soon. What gets done, gets done and what doesn't, well who cares? I will say it again, you are an amazing woman! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm in the soapy cilantro group as well. I love Mexican food, except for that, so I would have been so disappointed!You wore the hat so well! I will be busy each night, and no sweating anything that doesn't get done, because I've decided there is no done, it's just what gets done. Profound.

  3. From the X-ray, it looks like they did a great job fixing hub's leg. He's like the bionic man now. lol Too bad you couldn't enjoy your tacos. I'm not a cilantro fan either. We are taking it easy as my hubby has weekdays off now that school is out, so we're having time at home together which is nice. He has to work Friday and Christmas Eve though.

  4. Brings back the good old days of my dad in a wheel chair and all the snow in Montana. Back and forth to his physical therapy. I thought I was going to die or kill him wasn't sure which.

  5. My DD and I both do NOT tolerate Cilantro-it's soap! Blech! I don't know if it bothers any of my 3 sons. I am curious now.

  6. Wow talk about a flood of activities! Hope you and yours have a little down time before the big day!

  7. We do not buy presents for anyone so I dont have that hassle, not even for each other. When I had my knees replaced a friend asked if I watched the video and I said hell no. Dont like horror movies. Glad your hubs is coming along. I have been caregiver for child and man and I will take child any time. Merry Christmas!

  8. I'm right there with you, on cilantro tasting like soap! yuck!

  9. Happy birthday to Daughter. You're not the only one behind on Christmas chores. I finally wrapped a few gifts today, only about 50 to go. Sigh.

  10. P.S. I didn't know that cilantro tasting like soap was a thing. My son has always told me that's what it tastes like to him. Personally, I like it.

  11. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Hubby's leg was a mess. Yikes.

    I hope that you get to slow down a little for your own health. Take it easier.

    Cut yourself a break. You don't have to do it all. I love your tree. It's beautiful just the way it is. If something doesn't get done, it doesn't matter. Christmas should be about joy not how much gets done.

    Getting lit like the tree sounds like a great idea!

  12. Awwwwwww I just want to give you a hug and sing Christmas Carols to you to put you ore in the mood.

  13. My taste buds are like that with mangos. They taste like pine tree sap to me. Ugh!


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