Monday, December 5, 2016

Cheap Smelly Stuff

So that Fragrance Deal I talked about at Rite-Aid last week?
Yep, I went and did it.

I had one of these good for 30% off on Saturday......

And I had 3 x $2/1 various Coty fragrances sets coupons printed off.
And I had a Spend $50/Get $5 Bonus Plenti Points Catalina to employ.

Here's how it went.....

1 x Stetson 30% off=$11.19
1 x Nautica 30% off=$15.39
1 x Beyonce 30% off=$11.19
1 x Tim McGraw 30% off=$15.39
SubTotal.....$53.16 + $2.58 tax=$55.74

I used $6 in Qs(no Q for the McGraw scent)$55.74-$6=$49.74.

The cashier couldn't get the register/computer to "read" the bar code on the free $5 in PPs Catalina(the ink was light)and they no longer print the code so they can be punched in manually so she took $5 off my order instead(adds up to the same thing really), so $49.74-$5=$44.74.
I paid with $44.74 in Plenti Points.

(I also bought something for a gift for $4.19 on this receipt so only $44.74 of the $48.93 in PPs used  on this receipt was for this deal.)

I received $10 in new Plenti Points for spending over $50 on fragrance sets so $44.74-$10=$34.74

When I got home I submitted for $8 in Ibotta cash rebates($2 for each of the 4 gift sets)and have already received those......$34.74-$8=$26.74.

I also activated and already received a $5 rebate in my SavingStar account for spending $30 on select Coty fragrance sets after activating that offer.
So my OOP is $26.74-$5=$21.74.

I only have plans for 2 of these sets so the other 2 are being offered up on my town's FB tag sale site at a discounted price from what the stores charge for these(and a bit less than I was charged with my deal).
When all is said and done I hope to be only OOP(or rather "Out of Plenti Points" as I didn't spend any cash on all this)about $3 for the two sets I am giving as gifts.
Even is I can't sell those two sets(and I end up saving them for another gift giving occasion or donating them)I am only out $5.44 including tax on each set.
That's still a great price for substantial gifts, right? ;-)

And that is how we work the system........


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  1. Wow, you've done it again! It's mind boggling how you work the deals Sluggy!


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