Tuesday, December 13, 2016

And the Winner is........

*Sorry for the delay getting this up.  I thought I had published it yesterday afternoon.  Oops!*

61 Valid entries this time.  They were all numbered and Random dotorg picked entry #9 so the winner is.........

Chocolate! Hand cream! Very nice.

Congratulations Sam!
Please send me your full mailing address and I'll get this box 'o goodies out to you asap between fluffing pillows and fetching pain meds for Gimpy.  ;-)

Thank you for everyone who entered the giveaway.
Stay tuned in 2017 as the Sluggy Boring Blog Box Giveaways will continue! 8-)))



  1. Well that is a lovely thing to happen in a -8 degree day and my sons birthday. Thank you.

  2. Sorry to hear about your hubby, glad he is on the mend now. It definitely has thrown a wrench in your Christmas plans but it just goes to show no matter how much you plan you can't plan for everything


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