Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weis(PMITA)Markets Trip Yesterday

I found 2 Instant Discount Sticker meats+ 3 great deals at Weis yesterday.......

* The andouille sausage is reg. $6 and had a $3 off sticker on it....half price meat!

* The kielbasa sausage(regularly $4.49)was on sale for $3.50 ea. and had $2 off stickers on them.....$1.50 each or 66% off meat!

* The ground turkey(regularly $3.99)was on sale for $3.39 lb. and I had a $1/1 lb. Weis Q that they sent me......$2.39 or 40% off meat!

* The Perdue breaded cutlets(regularly $4)were on sale for $2(1/2 price already)and I had 2 x $1/25/2 IPQs......$1.375 a package or 65% off meat!

* The store made panko breaded pork tenderloins(regularly $5.88 lb.)were on sale for $2.98 lb......49% off meat!

$16.93 for $40.97 worth of reg. retail meat for a 58% savings rate on the meat.

This shop was rounded out with 3 x 1/2 price Bakery Items, a FREE gallon of milk(from the cereal I bought last week), a jug of veggie oil($1.77 sale price-cheaper than their value brand reg. price), a cucumber(.50¢ off), and a double brick of cream cheese(reg. $4.79)for $1.97 after sale and Q.

I elected to use some gas points toward a 5% discount, lowering this shop another $1.18, which all-in cost me $25.60 out the door.
Savings rate of 60% overall.
Not bad......



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