Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rite-Aid Black Friday Deals

A black & white copy of the Rite-Aid Black Friday ad is up on the I Heart Rite-Aid site.

Here are the freebies-the items that will cost you nothing after earning Plenti Points on their purchase.

* Colgate Toothpaste and/or Toothbrushes  2/$8.00  Earn $8 in PPs  Limit 2 Offers
Includes Colgate Sensitive paste, Enamel Health paste, Optic Platinum brush, Total Advanced brush, Enamel Health brush and Slim Soft brush(can't make out the name of the last one).

If you find Colgate Qs valid on these items(usually .50¢-$1)these Colgate Deals will be moneymakers for you.

* Scunci Hair Brush or Elastics  $3.00  Earn $3 in PPs  

* Philips Ear Buds  $6.00  Earn $6 in PPs  

* Rite-Aid brand Select Gift Tape(3/4" x 300")  2/$2  Earn $2 in PPs  

* Kleenex Facial Tissues  $1.00  Earn $1 in PPs  Limit 2 Offers

* GE Light Bulbs(cfl 1 ct. or halogen 2 ct.) $4.00  Earn $4 in PPs 

If you printed off this $2/1 GE light bulb Q awhile back on coupons dotcom you can get 2 offers for negative $4.00 on your receipt.....a $4 moneymaker.  Sweet!

* Crest Pro-Health Rinse or 3-D White Rinse  $5.00  Use $1/1 Crest Rinse Q which is slated to come out in the coupon inserts the weekend before BF makes this $4.00  Earn $4 in PPs  

* Reach Toothbrushes will be Buy One Get Two Free so it's possible that the Reach Toothbrushes Deal will be cheap or free if a coupon appears before the sale.

I will also be doing the Listerine Floss Deal...$2.99 per pack  Earn $2 in PPs.
I have coupons I got in my dentist's waiting room from a flyer she had available.

It was a one page tear pad sheet with these Qs at the bottom.  Be sure and check at your dentist's if you are going in before the BF sale.

$1 off each floss pack makes this a .01¢ moneymaker with coupon.

These Deals are all a Limit of 2 Offers per Wellness/Plenti Card.

I have got to say that I am rather disappointed by this year's Black Friday Deals.  They are all the same offers as last BF's ad.  There is NOTHiNG different or new in the offering And there are substantially less things that will be free after points.
And no free candy, chocolate or snacks....or nail polish.

From my past experience items that go faster than others among the freebies will be ear buds, the gift tape(because of the time of year)and maybe the light bulbs(since stores don't generally stock much of that item).  Freebies might go even faster this year due to the dearth of items available.

I'll be able to get all the above(except the Reach toothbrushes)x the 2 Offer limit per card for $53.98(plus tax)in Plenti Points and earn $60 in new Plenti Points per card if the supply and my coupons hold out.  ;-)

Most of the items in the ad don't interest me at any price, exceptions being some cheap Huggies Wipes(if a Q appears between now and BF)and a few Gift Cards that give back Plenti Points.
Since I have no PPs on Daughter's Plenti card I'll purchase the gift cards on her card and go back the next day(when those earned points will be active)and scoop up some freebies.  That will net me $32 or so in freebies depending on which gift cards I purchase.

And be sure to get RAIN CHECKS for all the Freebies if they are out of items!  No need to rush in on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.  Just stroll in at your leisure on Saturday and you'll still get the deals, however few there are this year.  8-(



  1. You may not be happy about the deals but I am. I'm going to have a breakdown when RA becomes wags.
    I'll have to check out the CVS deals. They are normally Meh though.

  2. No candy or nail polish? Now that I am well, I have to play catchup on deals. For over a month I have thrown away ads without ever looking at them.

  3. Thanks for the reminder as I have been in another universe and I always put these things in Christmas stockings. The light bulbs are especially popular:)

  4. You might want to check out The Chubby Chatterbox (link in my blog post for today). He's having a giveaway that would make a great addition to your Christmas stash.


  5. I was underwhelmed with the prevuew. Maybe more will be added.

  6. I am surprised at no free nail polish or chocolate, e those are such good freebie stocking stuffers....maybe CVS will better


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