Thursday, October 20, 2016

One Goal Met this Fall

Well if nothing else I did achieve one goal this Fall.
I kept the heat off until after the electric bill cut on October 19th.
Go me. 8-)

Since we were still using a/c at the beginning of September or October electric bill came in $42.90 lower.
Once the heat goes on however the electric bill will start that upward trend until next Spring.  Last year our electric usage rose $39.97 from October's bill to November's bill.  If it rises at that same rate this won't be a bad thing, though overall the amount will be higher than what we paid/used in 2015 because it's double the amount of people living here now and sucking up energy from the power grid.

We have had an unusually warm Fall so far with the exception of two nights that dipped down into the 30'sF two weeks back.  Forecasts are calling for possible snow this Saturday night but it won't stick around at this point in the year once the sun shines, if we even get that snow.

I have a stretch goal of keeping the heat turned off until November 1st.  11 more days to go to get to that one but with temperatures in the 30's/40's at night(Tuesday's predicted low is 29!!!)I don't know if Hubs won't want to flip the switch.
I can hold out by putting on my layers but he won't want to.
The kids don't want the heat on yet.  Heck, they have their bedroom window open and both a standing fan and the ceiling fan running in there(which I have to constantly turn off when they leave for the day)!  With all that body heat(plus a large dog),the door always closed so no cross ventilation and all the elctronics hooked up in there dragging the power grid it's no wonder that room is so warm.

It annoys me that I keep having to go behind them and turn things off-fans in their room and random lights when they are the last ones downstairs at night.  Daughter is bad about leaving the deck light on all night when she brings in the dog from her last potty break for the night. ugh.

I am still interested to see how the BF does once we get into Winter temperatures here.  He has never lived anywhere but the Deep South his whole life!  The boy doesn't even own a heavy Winter coat, let alone a hat, gloves, etc.
I wonder how long until he wants to go back to Louisiana.  Any guesses?  ;-)
This should be an



  1. My goal is to keep the heat off until Dec 1, at least. Several years ago, I did not use heat until almost Christmas. The ac unit has not been off since March.

    I think I would have to comment about the fans on all day, but maybe you have.

    You can help that boy keep warm when he shovels snow. Only lived in deep South? Poor thing. I visited enough in NY that I knew I could never live up there. It was not the cold, it was all the layers I had to wear and the fact I was sweating before I left the house, in the car, and any time I moved dressed in such warm layers.

    If he was like me, three days was my limit in snow and all the cold and dreariness.

  2. We turned off the AC after we lost power during the hurricane. When the storm ended, we didn't need the AC for a while. I had a ridiculous hope that we were done with air conditioning for this year. What a fool I am. It's back on. I don't turn on the heat unless we get freezing temps or Willy Dunne Wooters is here. He's a wuss about cold weather. Your goals encourage me to meet mine.


  3. No heat on until Nov 1 if at all possible. Currently renting a sandwiched (neighbors on either side), 10 y.o. condo townhouse so assume energy efficiency. Baby in the unit to the left, so their heat will be on. : ) I have turned on the gas fireplace a few nights, just for an hour to get the chill/dampness out (arthritis is fun). We have blankets/throws on the couches, warm slippers, hot tea. Keeping my costs down, please!

  4. You haven't really said how the two help out around the house, but I think BF has a good thing going despite the impending cold. Heck, I'll move in with you!I love what Linda said-yep, that shoveling will keep him toasty. I am sure you have boundaries though that they are aware of, and pick your battles.

  5. Yesterday it was hot here (87), but a cold front is coming through Friday morning and temps are supposed to dip into the 40s overnight. We have an outdoor event to be at first thing Sat morning so we'll have to bundle up. Like you though, we wait until we can no longer bear the cold before turning on the heat. Our daughter will have her own space heater as she is cold with the a/c on. We keep the house at 77 which is still considered warm to some people down here. The locals can't wait for the cold so they can wear their sweaters and boots and scarves. Ugh!

  6. I'm just south of you and last week hubs snuck the heater on twice. Every morning I come down and turn it off. Hasn't been on since but he won't layer up! He freezes my ass in the summer and makes me sweat in the winter with his preferred temps.

    As for leaving things on, when my girls were young I used to charge them a quarter for each light I found on. I got rich, and they didn't care. They are just like their Dad in that respect, though one is studying Environmental Engineering so she is a tree hugger but she is as dippy as they come when it comes to turning things off and putting things away.

    - Deecee


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