Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Music in the Mountains

On Sunday Hubs and I headed to College Boy's school to listen to one of the bands he is in perform.
This was the Mansfield University Concert Wind Ensemble's first concert of the school year.
Mansfield's Wind Ensemble is one of the oldest college/university Wind Ensemble's in the country, at least that's what they claim on their website.
The Ensemble is made up of approx. 48 students who play woodwind, brass and percussion instruments and competition to get into it is fierce.  College Boy auditioned and made the cut this year.

I guess the kid cleans up good, huh?  Look at him all fancy and shit in his tux.
He had to buy that tux.  I told him if this music thing doesn't pan out he can always get a job as a waiter in a classy restaurant. lolz

The Wind Ensemble performs 5 or so times during the school year; they tour in the Fall regionally at special events/conferences and go to area high schools to perform and possibly recruit students for Mansfield's music department.
They also record CDs and will be cutting one next month.  Past year recordings have been nominated for Grammy awards.  8-)
Conducted by Dr. Adam F. Brennan, the Concert Wind Ensemble interprets the classics as well as commissions new works to perform by noted composers.

 College Boy preperformance adjusting his music stand

Here are a couple of sections from a number they performed(can't remember it's title).  Though College Boy didn't have any solo sections at this concert this part of this piece featured flutes.
I had a bit of a problem filming as a tall old man(with a bad comb-over and an unfortunate birthmark on his mostly bald head) and his wife sat down in front of me at the last minute.  I had to keep adjusting and leaning to the right to get a decent shot.  Luckily, College Boy was sitting downstage on the right so I could see him well.

And HERE is their closing number.  Extra bonus points if you can tell me the classical composer and/or title of this piece.
*For some reason YouTube won't let me embed this music clip so I had to link to it.*

College Boy in the mandatory photo with the parental unit once he shed the monkey suit and we took him out for dinner.......

Seems he is taking the phrase "long haired musician" to heart.  Here's a bit of trivia, especially if you aren't old like me.....long hair was popular with classical musicians and associated with classical music long before it became a "thing" with the rock and roll era. Don't believe me, go google pictures of classical composers of the 1700/1800's.  Many of them wore their hair longer than normal for the time.
Classical was referred to in the vernacular/slang as "long haired music" going way back to the 1930's among musicians and in the media.
In the late 1950's and 1960's it got co-opted to refer to popular and rock musicians of that era(or the Hippie Era).

On the way up, since it was dark 0'thirty when we left for home, I shot a few photos of the foliage. Foliage around here isn't at it's peak yet since we've had a warmer than normal Fall/late Summer but once we hit the Northern Tier of PA the colors were better.

The day was so overcast without any direct sun that the colors don't really "pop" in the photos.

Anyway, we had a nice time even though there were 2 long car rides in one day.  And it was good to see the boy.



  1. You are ahead of the game if he wears that tux twice (the usual is once) and even then, if he decides to get married at some point....Sounds like your son is very talented

  2. That's one good looking son. The group is great. The last song sounds familiar, but I can't place it. When I was young and wanted to watch a ballet on TV, my dad said, What do you want to listen to that long-haired stuff for?

    I guess he dated himself with that comment.


  3. When I saw the tux, I wondered if you bought it or rented it, thinking he should just buy a tux. I like his long hair! He is very handsome! That's quite an honor to be in that group.

  4. College Boy looks very dapper in his tux. I so understand the necessity of buying the it, though Son3 is mostly out of the tux business now and into straight up black suits for most performances.
    I have no idea the name or composer of the first piece, but it was lovely.
    If I had to guess a composer for the finale I would guess Shastokovich because of the tempo and heavy trumpets, but I have no idea. It is a straight up guess.

  5. I don't know the title or the composer. Hubby said it sounded familiar but couldn't name it. Wonderful though!

  6. what a nice-looking handsome young man! you must be very proud of him!

  7. I love a good concert. My daughters school is hosting an ensemble of college kids on Halloween and we parents will feed them. I haven't had space to listen to your son's performance yet, but can't wait to tonight. Handsome man, and I like the long hair look in a tux.

  8. Did you realize you have a picture of him smiling in your post? As a matter of fact, there are two smiling photos. You need to tell him many old women and middle-aged ones think he is a cutie. Tell us what color red he turns.


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