Monday, October 31, 2016

Jump on These Weis Markets Deals!

This week Weis(PMITA)Markets has extended their "Fabulous Friday" one day sale from Friday to today, Monday.  4 Days of some great deals made even better if you have the Weis Fall/Winter Coupon Book that was available in their stores.

I also picked up a few deals in their regular sales ad too below.
The regular sale you can do through Wednesday evening but the Fab Friday Deals you need to get done today.
That's why I am posting this today.

Let's take a look at what Sluggy snagged for a great price........

They are doing the "Mix & Match" 6 items/Get Instant $3 Off" Deal again this week.  Every week the items that qualify change.

* In the photo above I bought for this Deal--
1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix(on sale for $1.99)
1 Hungry Jack Syrup(on sale for $1.99)
2 Pepperidge Farms Swirl Bread(on sale for $2.99)
1 Price's Pimento Spread(on sale for $4.50)
1 Country Crock margarine(on sale for $2.99)
SubTotal for sale prices=$17.45

Coupons I had that apply to these items.........
1 x $1.25/2 IPQ wyb both HJ mix and syrup=$1.25
2 x $2.50/2 IPQ wyb both 8 O'Clock Coffee and PF Swirl Bread=$5.00
1 x $1/1 IPQ Country Crock 45 oz size=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$7.25

$17.45-$7.25=$10.20-Instant $3 off=$7.20 for these 6 items

* Also bought were 6 bags of 8 O'Clock Coffee on sale for BOGO this week.
6 bags @ $5.49=$32.94-BOGO=$16.47

Besides the $2.50/wyb this coffee and BF swirl bread Qs, I had 4 x $1/1 8 O'Clock Coffee Qs.
At Weis even when an item is on sale as a BOGO you can use a Q on the item that you are getting for free!
So 6 bags(even though I only paid for 3 of them)could use 6 Qs.

$16.47-$4 off in 8 O'Clock Coffee IPQs=$12.47 OOP for all 6 bags.

* I bought 2 jars of Pace Salsa(the large jars-24 oz?)on sale this week for $3 each making 2 jars $6.00 on sale.
I combined a Weis Q Book coupon for $1/2 Pace Salsa(24 oz. size)with 2 x .50¢/1 IPQ(which each double at Weis to $1 off).  This gave me $3 off the salsa so it was $1.50 a jar or half price.

* I also bought 3 bottles of Weis brand ketchup which was .73¢ off per bottle on sale($.77)=$2.31

Total OOP so far is $24.98 for all.

* This Seviroli brand Ravioli is part of the 4 Day Fab Friday sale and 1/2 off through today, so $1.50 per bag=$12 reg. price-$6=$6.00 or $1.50 per bag on sale.

There is a Q in the Weis Q Book for $1/2 Seviroli Ravioli or Tortellini.
Since there is a limit of 1 of each Weis Q Book Q per transaction I had Hubs(since he was already with me)buy 2 of the bags and use a Q too.
$6.00-$2.00 in Qs=$4.00 OOP Total or $1 per bag.

* Another Fab Friday item are 12 packs of Lipton Iced Tea for half price or $5.99 for 2(reg. price $5.99 each).
There is also a Q in the Weis Q Book for $2/2 packs of this item!
So for every 2 packs you buy your cost after sale is $5.99 and after $2/2 Q it's $3.99 for 2 packs, so $2.00 per 12-pack.
Again, only 1 of this Q can be used per transaction so either bring someone along to buy 2 more packs or go to the self-checkout so you can separate your transactions.

Add this additional $12(tea)and $4(ravioli)OOP to the $24.98 above and my grand total for everything pictured in this post was $40.98 OOP.
Regular retail on all this was $91.25.
That's a 55% savings rate for all.

Now excuse me while I hike back up to get more cheap iced tea(the diet peach is awesome!)and more coffee(since I found more coffee IPQs I can print!)



  1. Wow, you are the best. I marvel at your mad skills.

  2. Great job! Now, where is the nearest Weis to me?

  3. We have The buy 6 get $3 off special at Cub so I need to plan. Like Sluggy plan to maximize the savings.


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