Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Best Political Commercial EVER!

Ok, this isn't going to be a rant or a mud slinging fest.

I just wanted to share the BEST EVER political ad with y'all.
Take a look......

When I think about Hubs retiring in a couple of years, I can so relate to Gerald's wife!! LOLOLZ



  1. Sluggy, you're right! The political ad was hilarious. We've got a few good ones up here in upstate New York that are just as funny.
    Thank goodness for small towns USA!

  2. That's hilarious! Gerald would drive me insane.


  3. LOL...I saw that today on tv and thought it was hilarious. I could watch that over and over. Now, I can share it with exbf. If hubs likes helping out around the house, that means you can travel more.

  4. That is a great ad (I have no idea who Gerald is one way or the other) but very funny approach. Wish more politicians would get original and funny like this.

  5. Great commercial! And I just thought I'd let you know-I was looking at The Krazy Koupon Lady Blog-and it has the Black Friday Rite-Aid sale items-I thought of you!

  6. That was really funny. I hope they reelect him and give her some rest!


  7. Love it! Where can Minnesota get a Gerald,or better yet,Geralds wife?

  8. Heeheehee! I just read about this ad in my local newspaper today - this story is spreading like wildfire! So glad you posted it. As I understand it neither of the two guys running for election believe in attack ads and frequently go out to lunch together. How refreshing!

  9. When I saw your title, I just knew that was going to be the commercial. Hubby and I watched it together and laughed and laughed. We wanted to vote for Gerald, too.

  10. I saw this on GMA this morning and cracked up.


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