Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shopping This Week

I went out driving yesterday for the first time in a week, since my eye surgery.
Let's just say I managed to NOT kill anyone on the road. lolz
I am not confident driving yet with 2 eyes that aren't seeing the same thing.

I went to Rite-Aid and bought my first items with my new Plenti/Wellness Card.....

3 x Dawn soap on sale=$3.00
I used 3 x .25¢/1 IPQs(go use the link of Sonya Ann's blog to go to the Coupons dot com site)=.75¢ off=$2.25 + .14¢ tax=$2.39 OOP.

I earned 100 Plenti Pts. on this purchase(which is equal to $1).  I have to have at least 200 Pts. to spend them though. ugh.

2 Things about this new Plenti Program, 1 I like, 1 I don't like.

1-I won't have to continually buy stuff and "roll" the pts. within 2 weeks, before they expire.  This often meant buying things I didn't really "need", but could use and it was stressful some weeks when there was little to nothing I wanted to buy.

2-I don't like that these points are only electronic and you can't have them printed out in paper.  I also don't like that they are linked to a specific card/account and can't be used on a different account held by another family member.  So don't like this and it will really cut down on my frequenting Rite-Aid. sigh.

Then it was on to Weis(PMITA)Markets.  The only items on my list going in was a watermelon and doing the Light N' Fit Yogurt Deal......

2 x Monterey Burritos on sale=$7.00
2 x Cauliflowers on sale BOGO=$3.99
2 x Yogurt Protein Shakes on sale=$9.98
1 x Yogurt 4 pack on sale=$1.69
4 x PowerAde Zero on sale=$2.36
6 x Borden shredded cheese on sale $1.67ea.=$10.02
1 x bagged Salad 50% off sticker=$1.74
1 x Bakery onion rolls 50% off sticker=$1.64
1 x Bakery French bread 50% off sticker=.64¢
2 x Gluten-free Matzo Ball mix clearance .83¢ea.=$1.66
2 x Hanover green beans 25% off=$3.44
1 x 2.26 lb PA organic chicken legs $2 discount sticker(.99¢lb)=$2.25
1 x Watermelon seedless on sale=$3.99 *not pictured*
I used 3 x $1/1 Light n' Fit Yogurt Qs for $3 off plus because I spent(reg. retail prices)over $12 on the LnF items I got an instant $3 off my total, and I used the $10 OYNO Catalina earned 2 weeks ago for spending $40 on Gatorade G2 drinks and paid $34.53(including .15¢ tax).

Regular retail was $86.85(before tax) so I saved 60% on this order.

Everything bought was on sale.  I missed the $1.67 cheese sale in the ad so that was an unexpected surprise.  Too bad there weren't any Qs for that brand here.
The cauliflower, burritos and mega cheese means College Boy will be home soon. lolz
Unfortunately the only meat markdown deal that was worthwhile this week was a package of chicken legs.  I am not a big fan of chicken legs but slap them on the grill and brush on bbq sauce and the family will eat them.

Grocery spending for the week so far stands at $36.92.
I'll go back to Rite-Aid for 3 boxes of Puffs tissue and earn 100 more points when I go pick up an rx refill so that will be another $2.39 OOP for the week.
I may hit Maine Source tomorrow for some produce when I go for my 1 week post-op checkup as it's only a few blocks away.  I don't plan to spend much but one never knows, do one? ;-)




  1. The docs let me drive home this afternoon. Felt good.

  2. Good deals!

    I think it is hot too as I have the a/c on at 5:49 a.m. lol It got into the 80s here yesterday.

  3. I am so glad you can drive, even if you are a little less confident than usual. I could not even stand to RIDE in the car between surgeries. So glad you are able to carry on with living since you have to wait so long between surgeries. Wish WE had a Weiss. You got some great deals!


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