Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Off Centered Week

Well if you've noticed the lack of posts and the things I am posting on Facebook you realize I am "on the road" now.

I don't have much time for posting on the blog nor do I feel inclined to sit here(or wherever I am!)and write stuff.
Sorry 'bout that.

But I am just too busy "doing" right now to sit and write.

Just a few reflections on how things are going so far until I can catch my breath and fill y'all in on what Sluggy is up to later........

* It has rained almost every blasted day so far.  But not driving storms involving thunder and massive amounts of rain, just dribbles here and there constantly.  I think yesterday was the first day it did NOT rain wherever we have been.  The weather reporter tonight on the local tv station talked about a sand bag pick-up on Saturday and where to report to get yours.  There has been entirely too much rain here in the last 3 months!

* We are spending absolutely too much money.  Ok, let me correct that.......we are spending lots of money but nowhere near enough to make our lives unbearable in retirement later.  It just seems like we are running through the Benjamins like crazy!  Word of advice--do NOT look at your credit card statement while you are still ON vacation.   It will just make you sad. lolz
At least the extended stay in Lousiana motel has already been paid for so we won't be adding that hefty cost onto the c/c when we return home. 8-)

* I seem to be "eating my way through the South". ;-)   I have had meals in 5 of the 7 states we have passed through so far(and 1 of the 2 I've not dined in will go over to the "ate in" column later on this trip).  I am trying to make good(or at least better)choices at meals.  It's sad that when eating on the road(at hotels and in restaurants)that healthier choices are either non-existent or just plain boring(and expensive) or even worse, nasty.  Even so, there has been nary a doughnut, pastry or bowl of mac and cheese involved in the feeding of Sluggy to this point.
I did however break down and partake in a cannoli and the Italian restaurant on Thursday.............

* The hotels we've stayed at so far(5 so far in as many states)have been a real mixed bag of very good to "OMG, what are we doing in this one?!?" bad.  It seems the one I picked out to stay in for an extended time, I have been told is in the "ghetto".    Well we won't go out jogging at night here nor will we be flashing wads of cash(if we had any here)or diamonds(ditto).  The hotel seems very nice(and there is a pool!).  The prices these various hotels have charged has also been all over the place from a low of $50 a night to $137 a night...eek!  I like spending more on the side of $50 per night as opposed to that $137 one.

* We spent some time with this guy on Friday.............

Yes it's a hamster in a tux.
Its' funny how things happen and when.

We were here because of this......

My Daughter's now ex-car. (Daughter is fine.....the car?, not so much)

* Speaking of adventures in eating in unfamiliar locals.......I have yet to get food poisoning(knock on wood).  There were some questionable hours back in West Virginia when I thought I'd need a paper bag however, but it passed.

* Did I mention that we are spending too much money?  Ok, maybe I did......  We don't seem to have a lot to show for all this spending(it's mostly been for hotels and food)but we are filling up the trunk with adult beverages(well HUBS is).  I am on a liquor moratorium this year.  Ok, I lied, I did break down and buy a couple yummies but I think I've bought more bottled water and G2 Gatorade to consume on the trip so I don't break down and drink gallons of sweet tea which would be very bad for me in the long run.  Hubs' purchases have run to the bourbon and whiskey variety mostly.

* And I got to ride a bus earlier this week.......

Ok, not a bus out of here, but this short bus full of old people...........

More later on when I get another chance to post.

What have you been up to this week?



  1. Yikes! DD's car is a mess! Glad she walked away, uncathed. Now to go car shopping, I suppose?

  2. Laughing at this post. I agree about the credit card browsing while in travel mode. Just breathe deeply and keep repeating "we are buying memories "

  3. Oh no with the car! Glad your daughter is okay. You are frugal so you CAN spend too much money on vacation. That is what you saved some of it for. Don't worry about it.

  4. Glad to hear your daughter is okay, the car can be repaired or replaced, Remember you can't take it with you, enjoy it along the way. I like staying in hotels a couple of miles away and half the price.

  5. That car is scary looking. I'm glad she is okay. I know you did not bring the rain, but you feel welcome to take it back with you. You aren't staying with your daughter at her house? Have fun!

  6. Catching up on posts. Glad DD is ok. Enjoy your time away too!

  7. I'd say that car is totalled!! Thank goodness DD is ok, that's a scary looking mess! Glad you're having fun - I always enjoy your travelogues!


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