Sunday, May 3, 2015

May Net Worth

Just a quickie because staring at a computer screen with one good eye and one "I need glasses to see" eye makes me dizzy and using one eye only is tiring.

New Worth calculations have been done for May 1st.
The non-retirement monies are up $6,005.48 and the retirement monies are up $5,359.38 from April 1st for a grand total gain of $11,264.76 last month.
And we are up $98,945.54 from May 1st 2014.


Now back to the recliner and closing both my eyes.....



  1. I am so sad to hear that you are having the same hard time I did between surgeries. I hope you don't have to wait too long for surgery number 2.

  2. Indeed go have a pleasant eye-rest.

  3. I know the dizzy feeling well from wearing glasses with only one lens. Sometimes I wonder why I am so dizzy. Then, I take my glasses off!. I still wonder about your surgery and the no driving for a week. Plus, I could see after the first day. You have spurred me on to have the second surgery.


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