Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Busy Day, Getting Stuff Done....How About You?

Well the temperature finally dropped here to something more seasonal.  It hit 91F on Friday and broke a record for that date and it's been hovering in the high 80's since then.  I was beginning to wonder what happened to Spring!  We seemed to have gone from Winter directly to Summer in NEPA.
So right now it's 51F and it feels great to me.  I have looked at Shreveport LA weather for next weekend and it's going to be hovering in the high 80's down when we get there. ugh.  But that's seasonal for down there so I won't complain too much and will just stay in the a/c when we get there. lolz

The main thing I need to finish this week is packing for the trip.

Last week I did this........

I emptied my closet.....totally!  I needed to change out my clothing for Spring/Summer quickly with the extreme high temps coming so I just took it all out so I could also get rid of some items I haven't worn in years.

And here are all my clothes except the stuff in my dresser.....

And here are all my shoes in tote bags that I need to go through and decide what to keep and clean and what to get rid of........

Until I put the shoes altogether in one place I didn't realize I had this many pairs!
Yah, just call me Imelda......

So Sunday was spent pulling all the inserts out of my shoes and hand washing/scrubbing them.  Some actual shoes were also put into the wash and then air dried(great weather for that).

With College Boy home since Saturday my washer/dryer has been going full bore pretty much.  And this is after he DID HIS LAUNDRY(or so he says)before we picked him up.
But.....he had THREE COUNT 'EM THREE comforters on his bed at school so I've been washing those, along with trying to get everything clean that Hubs and I own so we can pack for the trip.

I haven't gone through much of the pile of clothing in the "toiletries/purple/guest room" yet due to the heat and not having the window a/c in the window in that room yet.
But today with the cooler temps I will tackle that chore and go through my dresser to boot.
Actual packing for the trip should happen after that or on Thursday.

I still need to gather/pack the things daughter wants us to bring her.  I'll get that finished today/tomorrow and all put in one spot so that after we pack the car with Hubs and my luggage, we'll
start adding her crap until Hubs says "enough".  ;-)

Yesterday was spent gabbing on the phone with a fellow blogger and then toting College Boy up to the grocery store.  I am done with trying to guess what he wants to eat, so I just make him come with me to the store and pick stuff out.
I picked up a few deals......dozen eggs for .99¢ x 2,  napkins for $1.88 x 2,  a head of lettuce .99¢, 2 containers of cottage cheese $5(for making lasagna at some point next month)and 2 bottles of a G2 Gatorade $2.50(I can't get in town that I wanted to try).

The rest of the $68.75 haul was all College Boy's doing.......4 x Doritos B2G2F($7.98), 2 loaves potato bread B1G1F($3.29), 4 x 12-packs cream soda($1.99 ea.), chili($2.29ea.), TastyKake  goodies(2/$6), frozen breakfast sandwiches($1.39 ea.), 2 bags of bagels(2/$3),  gallon of milk, 2 cartons of OJ(2/$3) and a frozen pizza($6.99)and a couple more things I don't recall but it was probably junk food. lolz

Speaking of College boy....he started his Summer job Monday night and it sounds like it will work out fine.....except that it's so far away.  He still needs to find another part time job since this one is only giving him 17 hours a week.  We have a couple of leads to follow up for one and I'll be nagging/pushing him to get one before we leave for our trip.

Today I need to hike up to Weis(PMITA)Markets for a few items, then swing by the bank for cash/Traveler's checks and to get CB to pull money out of his account so he can buy a PAYG phone and a phone card.
He lost his last phone at a frat party at school(argh!)last semester and I don't want him having to drive so far away to this job and coming home late at night in a rural area without a phone.
This is not negotiable with me even though he will balk at having to pay for it himself.  Well if you were more responsible with your phone you wouldn't have to, right?  Consequences are a bitch. ;-)

I've been trying to get lots of my cycling work in before we go, as I don't know if I'll have the opportunity to cycle while we are away.  I am sure I'll get some exercise walking all over so I won't backslide on the trip.

I know I won't get any sewing done before we leave now.  If I have time later this week I'll still work on that goal.  Not that I'll be able to wear any shirts I make on the trip's so warm down there I'll live in dresses.  I won't be wearing shorts except in my hotel room.  I don't want to be responsible for blinding the population of Shreveport Louisiana. *snort*

I went through and paid ahead all the monthly bills I could, earlier this week, since we may not be able to pay things or want to while on the trip.  The only ones not paid are the electric bill which hasn't cut yet and won't be due until after we get home and a few medical bills which can wait.
I hated to see all that cash fly out of the account especially since we haven't gotten any paychecks in this month.  But we have a nice cushion in the account so no worries.

I am off to pick up rx refills soon and up to Weis and the bank as soon as CB decides to get up today.

What are you up to today?




  1. At age 16 our kids had to pay for their own phones and line charges. Yes, sounds hard assed but it is a miracle that when responsible for their own costs the phones rarely (can't say never) get lost or broken and data charges/line charges are rarely gone over (usually once only and they learn their lesson). At least your son wants clean clothes, that is a plus :)

  2. Hope your trip is fantastic! After I have all the clothes washed and ready I am ready to leave.

    I so understand the washing machine working overtime when a kid comes home form school. Son3 is moving to an apartment this year and will be moving most things (dirty clothes included) to the new place His new apt has a w/d in the actual unit so no reason to bring it here!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. Don't you love it when the kids come home with 29 loads of laundry. I mean really I swear they steal clothes to bring home and then return them.

  4. I thought you had installed a new closet system as it looked so shiny new and EMPTY! I'm a bit of a shoe freak too and don't care - there's no such thing as "enough shoes". I could never be a tightwad! Thanks for your supportive comments Sluggy - I really appreciate it!!!

  5. just got home from work. will knit whilst listening to the phillies game tonight (losers). I LOVE the cooler weather!

  6. I am enjoying the cooler temps as well. I remember thinking when the kids came home for the holidays that they must have brought all their university friends' laundry home with them as well!!

  7. Friend of anne marie
    Just found you xx

  8. Easy peasy: Work, ROSMY, and the boy is supposed to come over, but I think he's been sidetracked. More work tomorrow, then TGIF!

    Peace <3

  9. I've been a slug today. Hey, wait... !
    People in other parts of the country or other countries don't know about Tastykakes. But WE know, right? OMG, don't let me near those. I will buy four boxes, for starters (I've been known to go through a box in a day, easily. Myself.)
    Have fun packing. Trips = fun. Packing = not so much.

  10. It's the humidity that's really uncomfortable. Lately it's been pretty thick. It sure arrived sooner than we expected. Thank goodness for central air.


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