Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April Goals.....How I Did

Here's a run down of how I did on my April Goals---

* Do 50 rows on Crochet Project
Actually the crochet yarn got buried in a pile sitting next to my desk and I totally forgot about it until late last week, when I uncovered it while looking for my eye surgery paperwork.

* Clean House
I cleaned a little bit(mostly bathrooms)but didn't feel motivated to really clean much other than the basics.
This is the BIG DRAWBACK with now having a "good eye"......I can actually see how dirty my house is!!! 
I feel pressure now to clean and I sure don't like that! lolz

* Reorganize Toiletries Room
Got it done.  I still have too many toiletries! lolz

* Bike 30 miles
I shattered that goal.......

Photo was taken the night of the 30th, 52.50 miles for April.
I'll be upping my goal in May to 70 miles.  I've already passed the 12 mile mark 4 days into May so I don't think 70 miles will be a problem.  8-)

* Use Hand Weights 12 days
It just hasn't become a habit with me yet.  Maybe I was too ambitious trying to start 2 different exercise goals at once?  I don't know.
I'll take the weights with me on our vacation though and attempt to get "into" this exercise goal since I can't take the bike. ;-)

* Pay the Bills
Everything has been paid off, except about $623 on a medical bill.  I could pay it now in full from the HSA but that would leave us very short in that account.  So I am paying it off a little every payday week as more funds get deposited into the HSA.

* Have Eye Surgery
I go for my 1 week follow-up on Friday.  I may try to drive tomorrow, though I am still not confident I can yet.  Having good vision in 1 eye and bad vision in the other eye is driving me crazy!  And walking is sort of difficult.  We went out to Lowe's on Sunday and I had a hard time walking around without feeling off balance.  I find myself either closing one eye or the other to look at something, depending on if it's close up or far away.  Typing at the computer the letters are sort of blurry using both eyes so I can't be on here very long before I get a headache or my eye waters up. bleh
I really need to have the other eye done and SOON!

* Finish May Vacation Plans
Hubs has been no help with this so far.  I hate having to make all the plans myself!  I am easy to please, just put me in the car and go.....I can find things to do and make it up along the way.  Hubs wants plans and then gets annoyed when I don't plan things around what HE wants to do. ugh. men.

* Cut out 2 Tops and Sew Them
Well I started making a pattern for the shirts but haven't gotten to the actual cutting and sewing of the fabric.  Does it count that I hemmed a pair of pants for Hubs during this time? lol

* Hold April Giveaway
Well not totally completed as the Giveaway is still going on until Saturday night but it will be concluded soon and shipped off to the lucky winner.

* Take donation to Food Bank
 10 Jugs of laundry detergent
4 jars of peanut butter to local food bank a week ago last Friday

* Pack stuff to take to LA
I have quite the pile of things to take to the Daughter, between toiletries and foodstuffs, assorted items and her stack of books......

and of course the gorilla suit. 8-)
She doesn't want this stuff it turns out............
a mountain of tampons and pads.  I've been getting this stuff over the last 6 months or so for free or pennies on the dollar, mostly at Rite-Aid for her, collecting it until we were traveling down there to see her so I could bring it all to her.
All that work for naught. sigh.
Good thing this stuff doesn't weight much and I can actually sell it on eBay, or locally on a For Sale F/B site.
Or just give it to the local food bank if I don't feel like dealing with selling it all.  I have options which is great.

* Write a letter
Nope, didn't do it......goes on the May list.

* Put all headstone photos on F.A.G.
I got all my backlog of headstone photos put up on FAG.  Now I am ready to take more photos as the weather is perfect for that activity now.

* Work on Genealogy
I got quite a bit of progress made on the family history stuff.  I even started scanning more old family photos into the computer to get them digitized and online.  I worked on some other people's trees as well this month and connected with a fellow genealogist researching the ROCHE line too.  Unfortunately it looks like our ROCHE lines are not the same and I had to tell her about my doubts.  We did bond a bit due to both of us having some similar family issues with our grandparents and the secrets that were kept from us.  More information on my side of that coming in May in one of my long ass, boring genealogy posts.  ;-)

* Apply for Passport
I actually filled out and printed the forms I need to do this but haven't gathered the other documents or written and check and taken it up to the PO where they will accept and send it off.  I was surprised to see that you have to provide an actual date of travel to even get a passport!  What if I don't have a definite date of travel yet, and it's just something I want for when I do decide to go out of the country?  It makes no sense to me.......should I just make a date and destination up?
sigh.  I don't want to lie but the government will force me to it seems. lolz

It was a mixed bag of successes and failures in April.  The FAILS get moved onto May's list and I'll add some new items(+ re-add items that need doing again this month)and come up with my new monthly goals list very soon.

Did you have any personal goals for April?
How did you do with your list?



  1. You did well on the important goals this month. Honey, housework can wait! Hemming pants totally counts as sewing. This month I hope to get organized for our June trip to Playa Del Carmen which means buying out of country medical, making sure I have appropriate clothes to wear etc. I also want to try and increase my steps - averaging 5,000 per day, would like to get to 6,000 and steadily keep increasing it each month. I need to get all my flowers put in my outdoor beds and beautify our patio. Mostly good stuff.

  2. You did great on the goals! I recommend one exercise new goal a month. On the passport - usually they only ask that if you are doing a rush application (although i haven't had to do a form in a while) - should be able to leave blank unless marked mandatory. good luck!

  3. I think you count everything you did and don't list anything as a fail. It is just delayed. (Do you think Delta counts a late flight as a failed one?)
    Just get over the surgery and have a great vacation. Things will still be here to do when you get back!

  4. I agree with not counting anything as a fail. It is just delayed. When is your second cataract surgery? Did your dr not schedule it already? Mine were both scheduled on the same day...they were both scheduled, not performed on the same day. At first the scheduler was setting my second surgery for a month after the first, but I was forewarned so just agreed to go to a different surgical center to get in in two weeks instead of 4. My surgeon has offices all over town and does surgeries at different centers each week. I could not have gone a month between. Good luck trying to get around. I gave up after one attempted trip out into the world.


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