Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Trips to Rite-Aid

Well all the other Rite-Aids I hit hadn't clearanced out the Old Spice soap packs to 75%, still at 50% and not all had PeelieQs so I got this stuff instead.......

2 x Suave naturals 'Poo bogo50%=$3.43
2 x Bic stick pens on sale=$4.00

Coupons Used
2 x $1/1 Bic stick pens(1 ManuQ, 1 IPQ)=$2.00

$7.43-$2.00=$5.43 + .32¢tax=$5.75

I used $5 in +Up Rewards and paid .75¢ OOP.
I earned $4 in new +Ups(2 x $1 Bic, $2 wyb2Suave).

Spent down $3 of my +Ups.
.75¢ spent OOP.
Earned $4 in new +Ups
$10.16 in products  brought home.

The Christmas stuff is all 75% at Rite-Aid now so I picked up this's not on my food budget however.......

3 x packs of gift boxes(mine are all torn and ready for the trash).74¢each=$2.22
3 x bags of bows(again, mine are past recycling through another holiday)=$3.47
2 x Altoids peppermints tins=$2.98
Total....$8.67 + .52¢=$9.19 OOP

I didn't use +Up Rewards to pay for this stuff since it's not going on the food/toiletries budget.

Though the mints are food, they will keep to give as gifts next Christmas.  It's not like it's chocolate which will get all cruddy keeping it so long.

I still have a $10/3 Bayer items to use this week(it expires Sunday)so there will be at least one more trip to Rite-Aid this week.
Aren't you thrilled? ;-)




  1. I have never kept chocolate around long enough tor it to get cruddy. When I find Christmas kisses late in the spring, I eat them where they are hiding under the car seat.

  2. Totally thrilled, can't you tell....?

  3. crap. I spent more than you on 75% Christmas wrapping paper, bows and other things than you did...

  4. You really are partying at RiteAid.
    On a sad note, I lost my coupon box. I'll blame it on the back pain. I'm now to the point where I am drinking and taking Vicodin.

  5. But SonyaAnn, what are you doing for the back pain?


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