Friday, December 26, 2014

Some Frugal Grocery Finds

In the midst of all the Holiday Hullabaloo I made time to do some food shopping.
I stopped at the Surplus Outlet on the way to get College Boy a couple of weeks back and found these awesome deals......

Here is a salad dressing I never saw on a grocery store shelf around.  No added processed sugar, just sweetness from the fruit in this dressing.

I don't know if this is a regionally released item or is a discontinued item.
All I do know is that these bottles were 5 for $1......20¢ a bottle!
Sure the Sell By date was soon but these will last at least a year beyond that.

I like olive oil and vinaigrette type dressings over "heavy" mayo based dressings so this buy was a no brainer for me.

Having just used up the last of the Bell's seasoning at Thanksgiving I was delighted to find these boxes for .39¢!
Regular price on this item at our local grocery stores?
$2.50 or more.
Bell's in the stuffing is a tradition in my family.

One of the employees was stocking a new shipment of spices when I was in the aisle.
I found these "offbeat" spice types--2 types of curry and crystallized ginger.
The best thing was that they were .79¢ a bottle.

Then the employee dug out these jars of Saffron Threads...... .79¢ each!!!
Do you KNOW how expensive saffron is?!?!

Next time I am ready to make some Indian/Spanish/Moroccan fare, I am all set! 8-)

Then Hubs talked me into going to Sam's Club on Christmas Eve Day.  We didn't get much, just some needed Peroxide, Alcohol(rubbing, not drinking!lol), apples and mixed veggies(both for Christmas dinner), 3 dozen eggs, a bag of salad, a TUB of cashews(my Xmas gift to myself), a case of water, eggplant(for Parm later this week)and a box of croissants(for easy breakfasts for College Boy).
After applying a free $20 Gift Card I got for signing up at Sam's Club we paid $39.67 out the door.




  1. WOW! some awesome deals! That dressing would be a great marinade over chicken or pork.

  2. Pomegranates and cashews! I am all set. isn't saffron the most expensive seasoning around? You did well.

  3. You got saffron for $.79??! I have not bought that stuff in years and it was super expensive them.

    I would love to have a grocery outlet like that!

  4. GREAT BUYS!!!! I don't like saffron much, but I'll bet there were other kinds I would LOVE.

    Peace <3


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