Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saturday Around Town

Here's what got accomplished on Saturday--

* Charity Donation.....check!

Some of what went to Salvation Army today........

*  Shopping Done.....check!

Then we went to Big Lots so I could show Hubs the calendar I wanted but they didn't have it in a desktop model.

But I thought these were cool......

This is an antidote to that  "Life is Good" crap you see  But a bit too negative even for me!

And I found your calendar Sonya Ann ...........

Hubs found a Christmas gift for me there and I found some underwear and food items like canned clams for $1.20, even cheaper than the local market on sale at $1.50 a can.  Yes!

Then off to Kohl's and I spent my $15 in Kohl's Cash on 2 Christmas presents and am OOP $8 & change.

* Tasty Lunch......check!

Then off to lunch at Breakers Brewery........

*  Clothing Procurement......check!

Next was Kmart to get some free toiletries with doubled coupons plus Q-Tips I'd have to actually spend money on.  But the cashier said 2 of my coupons(of which I used 2 others earlier in the week with NO PROBLEM)wouldn't scan into their system.
So the toiletries were left behind as NO, I am NOT paying $15 cash for this stuff thankyouverymuch! ;-)

Then I bought 3 sweaters(I was down to 1 sweater in my closet it won't last the Season).  These sweaters were all on sale for 40% off and I had a $5 off a $35 or more purchase coupon and after using my $40 gift card for transferring 1 prescription to KMart a couple of months back, I paid .57¢ OOP.

*  Toiletries Run.....check!

Then it was off to Rite-Aid for this stuff........

4 x Hall's cough drops BOGO sale=$4.38
2 x Rolaids BOGO sale=$5.79
4 x Gerber baby foods sale but Wellness disc. was better($1.51 ea.)=$6.04

Coupons Used
2 xx $1/2 Hall's Cough Drops ManuQ=$2.00
1 x Rolaids BOGO ManuQ(up to $5.50)=$5.50*
Coupon Total......$7.50

I used $8 in +Ups and put the .71¢ on a free R-A gift card paying $0 OOP.

I earned $6 in +Ups(2 x $3 Gerber wyb2).
Spent down my +Ups by $2 but we are all set for cough drops this Winter.

* I couldn't remember if you can use a BOGOQ with a BOGO sale item at Rite-Aid and the cashier didn't remember either so she just tried to scan it on and it worked!  Woohoo!  2 free Rolaids bottles for free.  Well not really since the limit on the BOGOQ was $5.50 and the items were $5.79 so I paid .29¢ for 2 bottles.  Maybe that's why the BOGOQ on a BOGO sale item worked, since it wasn't technically free?

*  Food Shopping......check!

Then it was off to the local market to pick up .69¢ Powerades and home.
While in the market I spotted this novelty Holiday item.......

I might just have to break down and buy someone this stuff.  The price point is $3.99 so it isn't prohibitive to my budget.  ;-)

Another busy day today of getting the errands down--more Rite-Aid and Food Shopping.




  1. That is incredibly generous of you Sluggy! Sweaters for $0.57?? Just not possible around here :(

  2. Sounds like a great day = your donation was awesome by the way. Lots of happy kids with all those cars.


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