Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rite-Aid Buy While Traveling

On the way home from a quick trip to Pittsburgh to see our eldest son for Christmas Hubs let me stop at a Rite-Aid......

2 x Raisins on sale=$5.00
2 x Sugar on sale BOGO50%=$6.43

I used a .75¢/2 Domino's IPQ bringing the total to $10.68
I used $10 in +Up Rewards and paid .68¢ OOP.
I received back $6 in new +Ups($1 wyb2 raisins, $5 wyb $15 baking items).

Then I bought the same stuff again at another store in another town......

Everything the same except the sugar came to $6.73, making my OOP .98¢ for that transaction.
Same $6 in new +Up Rewards received.

Now I am off to plan out how to spend all these +Ups I have that are expiring between this Sunday and Jan. 6th.




  1. Good for you. I think it is so funny that you get him to stop at Rite Aids on the way home from vacation. Good deals!

  2. Excellent deals on raisins and sugar!


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