Friday, December 5, 2014

Random Friday Evening

So I went to KMart today and got these......

2 packages of Ziploc containers=$6.00
I used that $5 off $5 of stuff Q the Register spit out earlier this week at KMart and paid $1.06 OOP.
I have a $1/2 Ziploc containers Q activated on Savingstar so these will cost me .06¢ in the end.
And I qualified for a $5 rebate/refund at Savingstar for buying $22+ worth of Ziploc items in the past few weeks.

I am set for plastic bags/containers for quite some time to come.

I was looking around in my Blogger stats tonight and among the terms that people who search on google, ones that directs them to MY blog is the usual cat hoarder or cat lady(which have been very consistent as terms that land searchers on my blog since I did that post on the cat hoarders on that HOARDERS A&E show years ago.  But I saw a new search term.......Ugly Gingers with Big Heads.
???? LOLZ

In important news......I am finished Christmas shopping(basically).  I am awaiting 1 online order and someone is getting an IOU for 1 present but it is finished!

And I have the bulk of it all wrapped already.  I had to rewrap one because I forgot to label it last week and I couldn't remember exactly whom it was for. Duh.

Now I just need to mail off 5 boxes.......3 are ready to go and I'll finish up the last 2 this weekend.

*  I will be retrieving College Boy next weekend.  Didn't I just go get him?! lolz  He will be home until late January.  I am sure he is thrilled.  ;-)

Time for bed.
We've got lots of errands to run tomorrow and decorating to do.



  1. I think if you hold the camera at a different angle and maybe further away, your head would not look so big. Did you know there is this thing, a selfie stick or something that helps you hold the camera further from your face?

    Selfie stick? Why that sounds dirty or something.

  2. Envious of your completed Christmas shopping. I don't know if I am uninspired or apathetic this year. No one in my world needs or really wants anything and I am kind of anti buying just to buy. It has left me with no ideas or inspiration.

    Hopefully I can get most of the Christmas decorations up tomorrow and maybe my attitude will change a little

  3. Can you come to AZ and do likewise for me?

  4. Yeah for you being done! We haven't started. LOL! We don't have lots of buying to do this year, just toys for the grandboys. We will give our kids some cash or giftcards, jam and cranberry almond bread. I do need to get on the stick and make some more jam. My stash is low and I need to send some to Tennessee soon.


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