Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Not a Great Week Here

The one bright spot to my week has been getting to see my younger son for 4 days.

We sent a gangly kid off in August and this is who returned for Thanksgiving Break......

Most Freshmen gain 20 lbs. the first semester.  College Boy(formerly known as #2 Son) actually lost 30 lbs.

He said it was from missing meals in the dining hall.  With the mountain of work/practice he has had to do he's forgotten about mealtimes until after the dining hall closed.
He's been going to a local bagel shop(as they take the meal ticket)and basically living on a high carb bagel diet. lolz
So I spent 4 days getting protein into him so he survives another 2 weeks until I go to pick him up after finals.

And the beard!!! 8-)
It has a ginger quality to it too.....but then again, he gets that red hair recessive gene from me.

We didn't see him much over those 4 days, as he was out late at night hanging with his buddies(lots of catching up to do there), sleeping until 2pm or in his room practicing or studying.
And I think he ate his weight in stuffing. lolz

Then he tells us on Saturday that he has a bill in his account that needs paying before he can register for classes.  Oh, and registration ends next Friday, 5 days after he gets back to school.
So I am frantically trying to get into his school account for HOURS to see first, what the heck this bill is for, and to pay it, if in fact it needs paying.  I can't imagine what it's for as I paid his bill back in August in full!  Did he charge a bunch of stuff on his account or what?
And come to find out, he's known about this for WEEKS!.....and said nothing.

After waiting on him to contact me about this bill on Monday(which he didn't do)I took matters into my own hands and got into his account to see what this was all about.

Seems this college makes you pay your next semester's tuition bill IN FULL(but NOT the room/board bill)before they let you register for classes for that semester.  This is the third state school in PA that we've dealt with and neither of the other two schools had This Policy!
So I paid the bill and let College Boy know he could now register for his classes.
And then I went and had a tiny little nervous breakdown.....because I deserved it.

Two days after Thanksgiving we had to put down our last dog, Cherry.

Here she is checking out the trick-or-treaters at Halloween.
She got some extra treats on her last day, like an order of her most favorite food in the world, French Fries, from the local fast food place.
She is now at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us, with her beagle brother, Peanut, who we lost to bladder cancer in September of 2010.
I just need to get use to not having her underfoot constantly as my new normal.
That will just take some time.

After College Boy returned to school on Sunday it was very quiet here.  I have been off kilter the last few days, not hearing the clicking of Cherry's nails on the tile floor or hearing her raucous snoring in the evening.  I keep reaching to put the gate across the doorway from the kitchen into the dining/living rooms to keep her out, as she developed a liking for going pee on my living room rug in the last few months.
I keep waiting for her to start barking for her meals.
And I find myself talking out loud to her like she is still in the house. 8-(

Cyber Monday came and went and I bought nothing.
Not a single present or needed item.
I got pissy Monday went I discovered that the gift my daughter wanted for Christmas, that I had purchased for her on Thanksgiving online for $XX amount went on sale at a different merchant online on Monday for $50 less than what I shelled out.

Then I went to pick up an online order from KMart this morning, which I paid for online, only to find that 1 of the 3 items in the bag was the wrong size.  Nope, I ordered correctly, someone picked/packed the wrong one.
Ugh.  I guess I can take this back for a refund to a closer KMart(it wasn't available at my closest store for pick-up, only the one on the other side of Wilkes-Barre).
It just aggrevates me that A-I didn't check the items before I left that store and B-that I have to return/exchange something.  Something that needs to be mailed so I can't sit on this return/exchange and do it later after the Holidays or something.  I have to go back into a crowded store and wait in a horrendous line again.
double bleh.

I also had someone buy a piece of fabric on Etsy and when I went to pack it I noticed a manufacturer's flaw on the piece.  I wrote the buyer to let her know about this and see whether she still wants the fabric at a discounted price, of course.  It's been 2 days and no word back so I wrote her again.  If I don't hear anything by tomorrow I'll just cancel the transaction and refund her money....which means Etsy will pull money from my credit card on file because they already deposited the funds for this transaction into my bank.
triple bleh.

On the good side of things, I sold that Longaberger Basket on eBay the day before Thanksgiving and shipped it out on Friday.  It was delivered today but so far no word from the buyer.  I worry at this time of year because she has Zero feedback and the crazies come out on eBay at Christmas time as regularly as reindeer poop on your rooftop.

The new battery charger for my camera arrived today(!!!) and I am impatiently waiting for it to finish charging so I can use my camera again.
This is holding up my Rite-Aid shopping reports(1 report from Sunday)and posting about my next Giveaway.  Pictures are required for both ya know.......

It snowed again here today and getting home from KMart was jaw clenching.  Now the wind has whipped up and I can hear the trash cans outside blowing away as I type. 

Hubs got the Christmas tubs/boxes down so I have plenty to do to keep me busy until College Boy returns in a week from this coming Friday or Saturday, depending on the weather.  I am just not in the mood yet for the Holidays and all that needs doing just feels so overwhelming.  It would help if the sun would come out one of these days and lighten my mood.

So now you are up to speed on my crazy life.

What's new in your world?



  1. I'm so sorry that you're having a bad week and especially sorry about your dear Cherry. Sending some hugs your way.

  2. Oh my gosh! Hang in there baby!

  3. Poor kid. Maybe he should use an alarm clock for going to meals. I know grandson could not make breakfast, not sure about other meals. He looked like he gained weight. Your son looked good with his beard.

    Sorry about your dog. Now, you truly do have an empty nest.

    New in my world--my water line fund is picking up, but not there yet. And, I am getting sick again! This time, I am going to nip it in the bud and go to the doctor before I am totally ill.

    Maggie May went visiting.

  4. My daughter goes ti IUP of Culinary Arts in Punxsutawney,PA and they also give the kids a bill online before the semester starts. Unfortunately my daughter gained weight her first year, wish for her health she had lost some. Cooking or baking all day makes it hard, I am sure.

  5. Wow! That's a heck of a week. At least the College Boy was around for meals! My boy was also busy over Thanksgiving...didn't even see him! But we're going to make up for it over Christmas break! Fortunately, he's eating OK, though as a picky eater, he doesn't like most of the offerings in the dining hall. Meh. He practices like mad, too.

    I am done with Christmas shopping and deliveries. Both of them.

    I am sure you are frustrated. Hope things get better. BTW, you need to check out my latest blog post!

    Peace <3

  6. Friend, sounds like a liquor week to me, better yet liquor month :) Sorry about your furry family member passing, that truly sucks. Kids are known for dropping crap out of the sky. Somehow it works itself out. Maybe throw some chocolate in with that liquor

  7. I'm sorry about your dog. We lost both our Newfoundlands in the last 3 years and a year ago Christmas our sweet cat, Tucker. I guess they are truly part of our family. Tell your son to go eat! My daughter went to UCSC and maintained her weight. But it looks like your boy needs to eat!

  8. sorry about Cherry- I'm at that point almost with Sasha - my german shepherd is 13 - will be 14 in january. one day at a time - so long as she's trying I do what I can for her but boy I hear you on the pee pee stuff :-(

    I need to remain dogless after her but dunno if Ican for long. I live alone and it's lonely even with a dog. I had al ab with her for years but lost her last year the day before Mother's Day -s he went down and I had no choice. don't think I can do through this again but have to with Sasha but after that I dunno...it was worth it with the happy years but gosh it hurts so much when they get old.

  9. Anyone who has every had a dog knows what you are going through. Oh the sorrow.

    I think your fellow looks good in whiskers.

  10. I am so sorry about your puppy. Okay dog, but in your heart a puppy. This is very awful to say but I cried harder losing my childhood dog Sam than I did when my daughter died. I don't know what it is but the grief you feel from losing a long time pet is really traumatic. It is almost more painful in some ways. Sharper, but not as long lasting. I wish I was there to cheer you up. Don't you just love College tuition policies. I will be so glad when my last one graduates next Christmas. She is on her own for grad school..........

  11. We found out right before Thanksgiving Son3's spring semester tuition was due in full Monday. ( Last year it was due by the first of January) A little advance notice would have helped, but I guess I am thankful for wire transfers. We had the money earmarked, but had planned on another months earnings on it. And that is what I get for planning!

  12. Sorry about your furry family Cherry :(. Its been blah here. Not finding the holidays happy times yet. I've had a couple of dear friends pass away and family friends. If I had lived closer it would be 5 funerals in a month. And last week my best friends mom was diagnosed with brain cancer.
    I feel pretty upsidedown right now. And we could use a little sunshine instead of ugly gloomy and cold days here too.

    I'm already looking forward to an afternoon nap, then will maybe start some decorations. Something to lift the blahs I hope!

  13. So sorry about Cherry. I know pets are just like family.

  14. So sorry for the loss of Cherry.

    Sometimes even college kids are stupid. "Uh, Mom, the bill was due 2 weeks ago...I only found out a month ago." LOL!

    How can you pay tuition in full before registration? How do you now how much it is before he is registered for classes? Weird.


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