Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Rite-Aid

After collecting College Boy from, well.....College.....he unloaded my car(and it was jam packed!).  After dark I hiked up to Rite-Aid to see what goodies the supply truck brought today.

4 x Tresemme 'Poo on sale=$15.96
2 x M&Ms on sale=$4.00
1 x Robitussin Medi-Soothers 20% discount=$5.83

Coupons Used
4 x $2/1 Tresemme 'Poo ManuQ=$8.00
1 x $1/2 M&Ms IPQ=$1.00
1 x $1/2 M&Ms VideoValuesQ=$1.00
1 x $3/1 Robitussin Medi-Soothers In-AdQ=$3.00
1 x $1/1 Robitussin product IPQ=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$14.00

$25.79-$14.00=$11.79 + .04¢tax=$11.83

I used $11 in +Up Rewards and paid .83¢ OOP.

I received $6 back in new +Up Rewards(2 x $3 wyb2 Tresemme).

And I have tracking on the $5 +Up wyb $20 in cough/cold items of $11.66 on this card(and tracking of $4.38 on a different card).

I have 2 more 'Poos to buy today to finish using my $2/1 Qs for that.
Then I need to buy 2 more Robitussin Medi-Soothers(1 on each of 2 different cards)so I can finish off the Cold/Cough $5 +Ups Deal next week on those 2 cards.

I'll also go to WeisPMITAMarkets to use the rest of my $2/2 Purex Qs today while Purex is still $1.88 a bottle.

And then it's on to figure out my R-A transactions for next week.
Rite-Aid is a two edged sword at this time of many great deals but so exhausting! lolz

What are y'all up to this weekend?



  1. Well, I am not shopping at Rite Aid. Sure wish I were. I am low on 'poo. I decorated our Christmas tree today. It has been sitting here nekkid for a few days. It needed some lights and decorations. It is so purty.

  2. Keep up your RA posts! It helps me out a lot.


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