Saturday, December 27, 2014

Curse! Foiled Again & Freebies Time

Well my plan this week at Rite-Aid was thwarted.
Since I wasn't home for half the week....the beginning of the week, I couldn't execute the plan I had.

There were some items on the clearance shelves at the back of my store that I planned on buying this sale week, but evidently someone else who shops at my store had the same idea. lolz

This week's ad had a Dove Deal......Buy 2 items(including 2 bar packs of soap), Get $2 +Ups back.

There were 2 packs of Dove soap(cucumber scent)in the clearance area for $2.24.  Even with no coupons to use, 2 packs would have been $4.48 plus $2 in +Ups back so only $1.24 per 2 bars.

Also in this week's ad was a No Nonsense Deal......Buy 2(including socks), Get $3 +Ups back.

There were packs of men's socks marked down to $3 and change in the clearance area.  2 packs would have been $6 and change plus $3 in +Ups back so $3 & change for 2 multipacks of socks.
These would have gone into my Christmas presents box for giving out next year.

But alas, someone bought it all while I was in Pittsburgh.
I'm glad someone got the great deals even though I have tons of +Ups to roll/spend before this coming week is over.

So since all my potential deals were gone I cashed in some rain checks from the Black Friday sales instead since I was in the store anyway.......

2 x Bumblebee Tuna=$0
1 x GE Light Bulb=$0
2 x RA Toothbrushes=$0
1 x RA Cough Drops=$0

Value of items.....$14.66

Now I have $51 in +Up Rewards expiring on various dates between tomorrow(Sunday)and next Saturday.  There are few items I want to pick up for cheap or free during next week's sale but I have more +Ups I have to use than I have ideas for.
I'll be searching out more plans for spending them as the week goes on and if all else fails, I'll use them to buy toilet paper....something everyone hates to spend money on but truly needs.



  1. Toilet paper here in Canada is bloody expensive. $10 for 24 rolls. Seriously, the best I can usually do is $1 off coupon. No doubling, no special deals. It sucks. Happy New Years!

  2. All I wanted for CHristmas was a Rite-Aid. No, I did not get it! Please put in a good word with Santa for me.
    And if I don't make it back, have a wonderful and safe and inebriated New Years eve and hell, 2015 too. I love you cousin!

  3. I hate when that happens. I think someone got all the Ziploc/Glad bags with Christmas designs this year in WM. I am just now using up the ones I bought last year that I paid only a few cents for after markdown and coupons. When I stake out those markdowns, they are supposed to be waiting when I want them.


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