Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Current State of the Stockpile

I am lucky in that I have lots of room to maintain a stockpile of goods bought at low prices for our use.

My Daughter's old bedroom is now a spare bedroom AND my stockpile room for HBA & TP.

I have 2 dressers filled with products.......

 3 of the 5 drawers with items in it.  I can't pull them all out at the same time or the dresser would fall over!

6 drawers on this dressers overflowing with products.

The top of the dressers are also filled....

Only half of the tall dresser is filled as my boxed up coo coo clocks are sitting up there too.

The top of the book shelf is also filled.....

And there is a plastic tub in the hall closet too with mouthwash, razors and saving cream.......

Plus there are bags I still haven't found room for.....

That plastic purple tub above has product piled on top of it too! lolz

And this doesn't count anything I have bought at Rite-Aid since Sunday....... 8-)))

I need to spend down my remaining +Up Rewards and take a break from Rite-Aid for a few months as I am out of room! ;-)

Do you stockpile goods?
Do I need to apply to be on that Extreme Couponing Show? lolz




  1. I think you do a great job of couponing and getting these items for pennies. But it seems a bit much, especially for your small family. I would begin putting together care packages for homeless shelters and donating a good bit of that. That way you can continue your entertaining hobby of "extreme couponing", have supplies you need, donate to the less fortunate AND have room for guests.

    Just a thought.

    1. Her small family consists of about nine adult people, unless there are more I have not heard about. I think it is demeaning to call this an "entertaining hobby of 'extreme couponing'."

      She also spends her hard earned money to mail these to people who can use it.

      I do believe she drops things off at shelters!

      Maybe you are not a long-time reader.

    2. I agree. Maybe "Anonymous" should get to know Sluggy before judging Sluggy.

      Only we, as her longtime followers, get to judge Sluggy! :-)

    3. Maybe YOU all shouldn't judge. Why are you attacking a completely innocent comment on this post. Sluggy has a LOT of products in that room. Her family is not that large. Additionally, nowhere in her post does she mention generous donations or her awesome giveaways.

      Why so nasty?? One person, who maybe hasn't read her blog for long, has some thoughts and you two jump on them like its your job. Like unless you are a "longtime follower" you have no right to comment.

      Calm it down people.

    4. I didn't intend to sound nasty and don't think I did. A lot of people have known Sluggy for a long time and we all know where her stockpile goes.

      My apologies if I sounded nasty.

  2. I have to admit that I'm confused. I thought you were trying to minimize and cut down on clutter. Wont a lot of that stuff expire before you get a chance to use it? Or is your family able to use it all? Wow, that's a lot of stuff Sluggy!

    1. I don't consider a stockpile clutter since it all gets used and I have the room for it all. Most toiletries have very loooooong expiration dates, if any. Food on the other hand varies.
      I have culled and downsized the food stockpile over the years so that one is a lot leaner and meaner. 8-)

    2. And when you have kids, even adult kids, stockpiles never last as long as you think they will. A couple of years ago, I thought we had enough shampoo and conditioner to last 10 years. Now I have a couple of bottles left.

      Expire? Ha! Not when you have family.

  3. We used to stock pile that much until we moved, now we have no room! We did donate a lot to charity, but it seems we can never have enough TP! The shampoo and conditioner goes super fast as well.

    I think hubby is ready to get back to it though.

    1. You can NEVER have enough TP and you can quote me on that one! lolz

  4. I do stockpile. But, at every birthday and Christmas, I stuff nooks and crannies in presents I mail with deodorant, soap, and dishwashing liquid, and other things I can get for free or almost free. I help exbf with stuff he needs. But, he refuses to take I gave a friend who was going to Florida to take care of his mil because his wife is in nursing home...two shampoos, two deodorants, two toothpastes, two toothbrushes, and something else. He left with ten products and was happy. Right now, I need to make up two boxes for two nursing home residents.

    If you go on Extreme Couponing, you cannot take a break from RA, you have to stock more, you will have to deal with a camera crew, and you cannot call your room a guest room.

  5. wHOA... And you pick on me because of my Fabritainment Center!

  6. I think you can take a break for a little while! LOL

  7. I too must take a break even though I do have more room to store things, hubs takes an evil eye to my coupon binging of any item. But I do donate a great deal to shelters and I keep my two kids and the boyfriends in supplies. As we are still supporting the younger one this is a really nice cheap way to do it. I also helped my mom fill my worthless, homeless brothers stockings with fun stuff. I think a break is in order because when I see you shopping and bragging I just have to go out a try to beat you....... so stop! Stop I say! Are we going to buy matching swim suits again this year? I am calling you next week. When I get back and have time to breath.

  8. Wow! I'm kind of jealous, but I don't have that kind of room in my small town house of five. I used to stock pile, and I ended up donating a bunch of stuff to CCAP (our local food pantry) and they accept HBA items also. I haven't stocked like that in a few years though. We could always use a stock pile of shampoo, bath soap and toilet paper though.

  9. Holy... No, that would drive me insane. My stockpiling is 3-4 items. Tops. lol!

  10. Stockpile while you can when you are young. When you get older and have a harder time getting around, that stockpile diminishes quickly.

    I;m ot so old, but arthritic knees have cut down on my stockpiling.


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