Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where's Waldo.....Er.....Sluggy?

Guess where I am?
Here's a hint.......

A bottle of hard cider is calling my name.
Signing off for the night.

Til later,



  1. You are certainly elusive. I am guessing hubby went, too. Or, have you and Tanner run away?

  2. I love Ocean City. My sisters, mom and I have vacationed there. I love the way the breakers roll in on that beach, they mesmerize me. I can watch them for hours.

  3. I am picking tanner up in the morning. Make sure there is breakfast and booze waiting for us..oh crap I dont drink...ok breakfast and a nice smoothie

  4. Whatever that place is, it looks awesome. Is that a parking zone beyond the railings? I love/miss palm trees so much.


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