Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well the Remodeling Work is Finally Done! Part One, Outside

Here is a before of the outside of the house from a few years ago......

This photo was taken in 2007, before the dusty blue wooden trim around the garage door frame began to rot and fall off.  The dusty blue shutters were original to the house went it was built in the 1980's.
1986 called, it wants it's shutters back...... ;-)

Here is the house in September 2009 after we had the original  white roof replaced with a dark tan architectural shingled one.......still with the dusty blue shutters and trim.....

And here is the house today, with the new vents, trim and shutters.....

It might not look like much of a change in these photos, but up close in real life, it is a big difference.

Next up is the before/after of the inside work and the numbers on the cost.



  1. Oh my gosh, that first photo just about scared me. I thought you guys had already had snow today! The darker shutters and roof definitely make the house look a lot lot prettier.

  2. I like it. It looks like it now has makeup on to define the features.

  3. Did you have duck deco in your kitchen? I thought it might have looked nice with your copen blue shutters.

  4. The different color contrasts really make the house stand out. Good job!

  5. Your house looks great! Love the pop of color on the shutters.

  6. I have to giggle....We bought our house in 2001, and the shutters were pink. Like a deep pink pretending it was red, but it was pink. I was sure the owners had to have painted them in the 80's. Found out they painted them a month before the house went on the market! We painted them in 2008...and picked blue. But the blue we picked was way too now they look like a slightly darker version your 1986 shutters!

    Love the green shutters!

  7. I think your house looks very pretty.

  8. Big improvement. Doesn't it feel good to have something big like that done?

  9. You have a beautiful house and you have done so much to improve it.
    Our house is from 1983-the work will never end.


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