Monday, October 28, 2013

This Week on The Dining Table

The "Back Home Now & It's Cold as Heck Here!" Edition.......
This is a Caprese Salad I made a couple of weeks before we went to Ocean City, when we still had fresh tomatoes from our garden.
I can honestly say now.....I am not a fan.  Don't know what all the fuss over it is about.
Do you like this dish?

Here are the meals that were planned last week--sort of--
Sunday--pizza out
Monday--steak, fries out
Tuesday--1/2 fish sandwich, 1/2 sweet potato fries, cup of crab soup out
Wednesday--other half of Tuesday's dinner ate in the room
Thursday--turkey sandwich at home
Friday--bratwurst on roll, strawberries at home
Saturday--whatever I can find at the house if Judy doesn't come over, otherwise a roast chicken or eating out

Everything was eaten as planned except Friday I had leftover Broccoli Soup and Strawberries and Saturday was Roast Chicken, Carrots and Potatoes.

As for food spending last week.....there was one trip to the store on Saturday, I spent $48.41 on $65.39 worth of groceries at 1 store.
I had $36.74 left in the food budget so I went over by a bit this month.

I didn't include the little out of pocket spent this month at Rite-Aid yet for October and that will add another $7.97 spent out of the food/toiletries budget.

No food waste while we were gone.

Leftovers going into this week--1 bratwurst, leftover roast chicken with carrots and potatoes.

Here's this week's meal plan---

Sunday--Clam Chowder
Monday--Tacos(I'll probably have a chicken sandwich and a part of a bag of frozen veggies.)
Wednesday--Lasagna, Salad
Friday--London Broil, Asparagus
Saturday--leftovers or something scrounged around the house

I'll be posting my final October food spending post in the next day or two since I won't be going grocery shopping again this month.

What got fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. Good for you! Most of our meals are the scrounge around variety. I do buy food, but don't always plan well on what I'm going to do with it...

    1. It's all about priorities.....meal planning just isn't one of yours. ;-)

  2. Don't know what recipe you used, but you might try adding this to your basics:
    paper thin slices of sopressata & sweet vidalia onion, diced capers,
    and a dressing of good olive oil, fresh lemon juice (or white vinegar) crushed garlic, salt and cracked black pepper. Shaken well before poured over the salad.
    You can make enough dressing to smear a bit on toasted, thin-sliced baguette, if you wish.

    You may want to give it another shot. This used to be a fave hot summer supper when I didn't feel like cooking.

    Just my 2 - cents.

    1. Thanks for the input Cajun. I find I am just not a fan of fresh mozzarella cold or room temp.....melted in a sandwich or other dish, YES please! lol

  3. I see that dish at the hotel all the time. I just eat the cheese, really. Delicious cheese with balsamic. Yum.

    Today I'll be making... something. I can tell you it includes chicken thighs. And vegetables. I plan on baking, but I have my choice between sweet BBQ sauce or mystery ham glaze my parents never use that comes with the sliced ham. I think I'll do half and half. That should carry me well until next week!

    1. Half sweet ham glaze and half sweet bbq sauce? Hmmmm....let us know how it tastes. 8-)

  4. Now if it was goat cheese instead of mozzarella I might like it! How do you manage to have so many leftovers?? Lucky you! Not that I'm complaining - Michael does all the cooking around here and does it very frugally too. Lots of different spices - jerk, cajun, curry, cayenne etc. makes the same stuff taste new.

    1. I have cut down on the amount I eat plus #2 Son often doesn't eat with us due to his schedule...the nights he works at the restaurant he eats there for free. But I am still cooking our normal amounts which means 3 nights of cooking most weeks and 3-4 nights of leftovers. Hubs and I don't mind leftovers.
      I love to change up spices too but am not a fan of hot spicy.

  5. My week has been off. lol! I made a menu plan but don't think that i've actually made even ONE meal from it... go figure!?

    1. I often don't eat stuff when I have it planned but within the week it DOES get eaten. I'll wait til I shop some weeks to make the plan so I can incorporate that week's deals into the menu.

  6. Yes I like that dish! I agree with your other poster the "salad" needs balsamic and olive oil.

    Your other poster may have my share of the goat cheese ..... I once worked in a vet clinic and had an experience with a goat .... 30 years later I taste the way that "old goat" smelled if I try to eat goat cheese. Goat cheese seems to be everywhere! I do try it occasionally but so good.

    I also went over my mythical budget this month but who could blame me. I ran into a store this afternoon for a couple of bottles of wine and hit the mark down jackpot! As an example.... 1lb of ground pork for .52! a 5 lb chicken for $1.58 and Rib eye steaks at $1.50 a pound. I cleaned my freezer this week and swore I wasn't going to buy anything else until we ate the freezer down a couple of inches but with a bonanza like that who would blame me????

    1. Janet I did drizzle a good balsamic vinegar over it. Wasn't enough to make it tasty to me though. lol

      I would have a hard time with goat cheese too having had your experience. ;-)

      If I was you at that store facing those deals, I couldn't have walked past them either!!

  7. Take tomato slices, put basil leaves and feta crumbles on top. Russian dressing or Italian dressing drizzled over--yum. I would like the mozzarella too if it were melted on the tomatoes.

  8. I love this combo, but I cut the cheese in cubes.

  9. Try this; slices of tomatoes with crumbled feta cheese and basil on top. Drizzle Russian dressing over all. Of course, you can put Italian dressing on it or make your own oil and vinegar dressing.

    1. I've had a feta and tomato salad before and love that! It's just my none love of room temp mozz I guess. Not a real big fan of basil either....don't like pesto.


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