Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh Goody! Problems Already....LOL

It never fails.
I try to sell somewhere and the "problem folks" find me immediately.

I was/am a magnet for crazy buyers and scammers on eBay so why did I think Etsy would be any different? lolz

The first email I get a few hours after opening my store yesterday was someone wanting my phone number and mailing address so she could buy something over the phone or by mail from me.

I take Paypal, Etsy gift cards, Debit and Credi cards.
Sorry, no personal checks/mail orders and I can't take/process credit cards directly over the phone, just through Etsy.


Second up is a potential buyer in Japan who wants a shipping quote.
Though I DO ship most anywhere in the world, I doubt she is going to actually buy a $4 piece of fabric that costs $23.95 to ship to Japan.
It isn't spun gold or anything.....



  1. When I very briefly sold on eBay, my first customer drove me nuts. I was selling a piece of sheet music that she wanted. First, I had to jump through her stupid hoops. She thought I was charging too much for postage and handling. She gave me two choices--go with what she thought was fair mailing cost or drive her piece of sheet music to the PO to find out for sure what it cost to send it to MI. I told her there would still be a shipping and handling charge and a separate charge to take it to PO and get the price and drive back home and inform her. She agreed and ended up paying even more than my original quote because I was correct in my estimation, plus she had to pay the driving fee to satisfy her self-importance. She was so thrilled after she got the item, but refused to leave a comment for me, saying all the complimentary things to the world and help me establish a rating.

    I thought I was the crazy magnet.

    Why did the woman want to buy from you directly? I suspect she was not interested in buying the item.

    1. I stopped trying to figure out buyers a long time ago....lol
      Who knows what was in her head!

  2. Hahaha!!! It's fun isn't it!? ;)

  3. Just stand your ground. We've been scammed (lost like $1000 once on Ebay... although I blame this completely on hubby).

    Just say no and keep on! Real people will buy from you : )

    When it seems fishy AT ALL it totally is. At least that's my motto.

  4. I sold something (I think it was my laptop's spare battery, brand new, never used), and I specifically had said no international buyers. Well, the buyer was listed as a US buyer, but he wanted me to ship it to India. The battery was only $25, and the shipping would have been as much. He wanted me to try to get it to some shipping place too far from me, and that he'd send me the separate money for shipping. Ended up wasting 3 weeks and relisting it.


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