Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Danged Feet or How I Spent My Weekend

We had a real nice time on our mini vacation last week.
Sadly, we had to return Thursday night.
I did well walking a bit on the vacation but on Tuesday I did a no-no while at the beach.
I couldn't get over the sand dune to get to the beach or even SEE the beach on Tuesday's outing so I walked with my cane up a sand dune to view the ocean.

Well what seemed like a good idea at the time ended up notsomuch by the next morning.
I awoke with new pain in my right foot and was confined to the wheelchair all day except for getting in and out of the car.
All the activities on Wednesday were done from the confines of a wheelchair for me.
And then on Thursday on the trip home when Hubs stopped 2 places I stayed in the car. 
That night when we got home I was hurting so bad I couldn't climb the stairs to bed so the sofa bed was unfurled for me for the evening.
Oh goody. lol
By Friday evening I was able to get up the stairs but that's about all the walking I have been doing this weekend.....up and down the stairs to and from bed.

I'm able to put weight on it again but have been taking it easy over the weekend since I have 3 appointments on Monday.....1 to have blood drawn up the road, to check my INR levels for the anti-coagulant, 1 with the Pulmonary Doc(I can imagine the conversation now.....doc, "How is your breathing?"--me, "It's fine since I can't hardly walk at all so I can't exert myself." lolz), and last 1 to have a CAT scan of my lung to make sure the teeny tiny spot hasn't grown in the last 6 months since it was discovered.
If not for medical personnel, I'd have NO social life!

I will be taking the wheelchair with me to the last 2 appointments as I doubt I can make it from the car to doc #1 to the CAT scan machine at the other end of the hospital and back to the car.

I also missed #2 Son's Senior Night on Friday because of the cold, rain and not being able to walk.  Before the last football game of the year, they honor the seniors among the football jocks, the cheerleader bitches and the marching band nerds by parading them in front of the stands and announcing their names. sigh.

The only good thing to come out of the last few days is that I am getting good at controlling a wheelchair and have stopped bashing into doors, doorways, cabinets and furniture.  I could use a pair of those fingerless leather palmed gloves though for my poor hands.  They sure take a beating!

Hubs helped me go through my closet this morning and we got the Summer clothes change out for the Winter stuff so that I can reach it all with my current limited mobility.
He's helped me make dinner this weekend(getting stuff I can't reach mostly and fetching things from the garage)and did some grocery shopping Saturday so we have adequate food in the house.
My big accomplishment was getting 100 Etsy listings completed and ready to launch this evening while he watched the World Series.

Now I just need Hubs to help me get the shipping boxes and packing materials(bubble wrap, tape, scale, scissors, etc.)out of the garage and into the dining room so once I open the Etsy store and hopefully SELL something, I can then pack and ship it out without any help.

If he can also get the eBay tubs out of the garage for me I can also get that stuff listed in time for Holiday sales.
He's a great Hubs......

We decided on the medical plan for next year this past week and enrolled.  In between going to my appointments Monday, I need to find a podiatrist Monday with my referral, that is convenient who takes our current insurance AND takes the plan we signed up for in 2014.  It's such a bitch because if I can't find one who participates in both plans, I have to start with one and then changed on Jan. 1 to another doc, OR just wait until Jan. 1 and then find a doc-which means I will basically be wheelchair/house bound until Jan.  Not liking that reality much.

I also saw a nutritionist on Friday.  It was suppose to be one from their "pre gastric surgery" department but they sent me to a reg. nutritionist so THAT was a colossal waste of time because I now have to wait until the 3rd week in November to get into see the correct type of nutritionist to start the surgery process going.  I've been down this part of the process before(that last dr. decided to no longer perform the surgery on anyone, even his patients who were in process like me so all those appts. and money paid OOP were for naught), so I am hoping I can "fast track" ahead to the psychological examination part of the process this time.  I know the ropes in this phase of things and have restarted the eating routine already.
And then in Jan. I have to hope that the new insurance covers enough of this procedure/process to make this doable for our budget.

That's about it for me this weekend.  It's gotten danged cold here suddenly and I have lots to do but not able physically to get to some things right now.
Trying to be patient.....but patience is NOT my middle name! ;-)



  1. It's great you have a good hubs to help you. Since your foot can get better, it gives me hope that the problem won't be serious. Still jocks, bitches, and nerds, huh? Things never change. Good luck with the doctor search. Since I have gone to the gastroenterologist, my "social life" has blossomed into many spinoff appointments--same with the obgyn.

  2. Your hubby is a great man! Give that man a hug for me..and pinch his hiney. Now I just realized I dont even know your etsy addy..soo..lets go I want to see it. Geez :)

  3. Sand is definitely a trying terrain, so I can understand the added stress. I don't even want to hear about insurance plans... from a professional or personal perspective. It reminds me I need to elect dental to get my wisdom teeth out. And after visiting a certain someone, I sure as heck don't want to!

  4. Hope no cheerleaders read your blog :)


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