Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guess What We Did Today?

Something exciting I bet you are thinking, right?

Well it WAS exciting.

We went to......


I had $5 in +Up Rewards to spend.

I got....
2 x Speed Stick(on sale $2.99 but my 20% discount made it $2.87 ea.)=$5.74
1 x Finesse Shampoo on sale=$2.00

I had coupons....
1 x $1/1 Finesse ManQ=$1.00
1 x $1/2 Speed Stick ManQ=$1.00


I used my $5 in +Ups....

$5.74-$5.00=$.74 OOP

And I received back $5 in +Up Rewards back(2 x $2 Speed Stick, 1 x $1 Finesse)

Do I know how to have fun on vacation or what?!!

So what has everyone else been up to this week?



  1. You're a wild woman! I cleaned 3 toilets today. I know how to have a good time, too!

  2. I am just as boring with my news this week. I just got the Aldi ad and found buys to price match at Walmart. I cannot shop without an electric cart and they have none, So, I will get $.99 pineapples and $.69 pomegranates at WM. I have on pineapple plant growing, so I will start several more, at least one, this week. Exciting? In my world,

  3. Living it up like usual, I see. I'm trying to keep myself busy and awake! (And warm!). This weather makes me dreadfully drowsy.


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