Friday, October 4, 2013

Fundraising Update

Hey, if I haven't answered your email or acknowledged your contribution to the fundraising effort to help JUDY I am sorry for the delay.
Between this and my real life I am a tad overwhelmed at the moment.

I am getting to everyone as quickly as I am able.
So don't think I have forgotten you or am ignoring anyone.
I am working on it.

I sent over the Paypal money that was collected as of yesterday at 5pm to Judy's account and she about freaked out.....because it was more than she ever imagined!  And there is more coming in, plus the Go Fund Me site and some folks have money orders on the way too.

She also shared with me that today was the first day she's gotten up in the morning without a big old heaping of DREAD on her shoulders.
And every one of YOU GUYS DID THAT for her!!!

And I thought about something Kim over at Out My Window said on her blog on Wednesday this week in regard to Judy's situation but it rings true to me for many situations in my life......

"....and I just believe that prayers are answered through other people."

Kim is so right.  If you believe in a higher power(whatever you want to call it/him/her)this is how prayers/requests/wishes are answered, by that unknown/higher force placing people in your path through your life who can help you or are good for you in some way.

If I haven't said it yet, you guys are FANTASTIC PEOPLE drenched in AWESOME SAUCE!!

*And if you know me I don't rave all happy and perky like that at just anybody or anything..... ;-)

Now go carry on with your day and do some more good in the world. 8-))




  1. Nothing like a good freak out early in the morning! Hope this sets a good tone for the weekend and she can find some rest and relaxation. She's way overdue for those.

  2. Judy is a wonderful person. Her sparkle just comes shinning through. You just can't help yourself loving her. She's simply good people.

  3. I am glad that she was able to get some of the money right away and be able to take care of a few things RIGHT NOW.

    Awesome that what the liquid is that is dripping on the floor???? Tasty!

  4. Judy deserves it!! And I agree, God often answers our prayers through other people. I saw it multiple times in my life overall and, especially, in the past few months.


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