Tuesday, October 8, 2013


At Judy's request I have disabled the Go Fund Me site, as of Sunday, and I will no longer accept Paypal payments for the Fundraising we were doing for her.
She says what has been raised so far is more than enough and far greater than she ever imagined it would bring in.   8-)

There are some snail mailed payments on their way but here is what has been collected so far.....

The Go Fund Me site.....$775.00
After fees of $65.72, $709.28 will go to Judy.

The Paypal-ed donations tallied in at $1,381.50.
After fees(a couple folks didn't elect the "send to family or friends" method)of $1.37, Judy will receive $1,380.13.

There is $20 so far sent through the regular mail as well, which gives us a Grand Total at this point of.....

$2,176.50 raised and after fees of $67.12, the funds amount to $2,109.41.

So the goal was reached with a few more payments still on the way.  8-))

I am in the process of getting all the funds transferred into Judy's accounts as quickly as possible.
One Paypal payment is in progress and a second one was initiated yesterday.  This will clear out all monies received there.

The Go Fund Me monies are now winging their way to my credit union and I'll cut Judy a check as soon as they arrive and either hand deliver that to her(along with an Money Orders/Cash sent)or snail mail it if we don't hook up in person soon.

Once all the Money Orders arrive/all funds are in Judy's hands,  I'll send one last update in a week or so.
Just trying to be transparent with the funds here.....

You all deserve a pat on the back and a "huzzah!", whether you were able to send money or sent good wishes/prayers or both.

Let's close this with a little bit of fun and dancing.....

Y'all did indeed help Judy tap away some of her troubles! ;-)



  1. Those fees are a killer, but glad we got to the goal! That is pretty awesome indeed. Glad we could help her during these hard times.

  2. And I am more thankful than I can ever express!!!!!!!!! Good friends are a wonderful thing to have :)

  3. See what we can do when we all stick together. Thanks sluggy for doing this for Judy.

  4. YAY!!! I'm so glad her goal was hit.

  5. A that is so awesome! So glad this will help!

  6. Sluggy you did an awesome job putting this together!! What a great cause! :)!

  7. This is wonderful news. You have made many friends Judy here. God speed and good luck to you and your family, always.



  8. AMAZING! There is a sluggy cloud in Heaven for you.

  9. So AWESOME!!!! And thank YOU for YOUR help with my campaign!
    (rainbowrva.com for those who'd like to help, thank you in advance.)
    God, I love the blogosphere!!!
    Peace <3

  10. Totally awesome! There just no other words! :)

  11. Incredible!!! :) So glad it went so well!!

  12. Just catching up - kudos to you for getting this going for Judy. I am stunned and downcast that i wasn't around to help but so grateful to you for what you have accomplished. Sending you a big hug.


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