Thursday, January 12, 2012

With Liberty and Justice for All?......Not Always

Sometimes the World is just one big ball of FuckedUpness!

I am preempting my blog today and sending you elsewhere.  I just don't feel like being amusing right now.

Go see my friend, Mark.
He's got some serious shit going on in his life.
My heart is aching for his family today.

Go read THIS and THIS.
Then imagine that you have a sibling, a close friend, a son or daughter, or even that you are a kid and  YOUR parents were going through a similar situation.

Like I said before.....a big ball of FuckedUpness.

Want to do something?
RePost about his family's plight on your blog.
Twitter about it.
Spread the word any way you can.

But more importantly WRITE and CALL your elected officials!
Antiquated laws need changing people......

And then do me a personal favor.
If you get the chance......
Go kick Bill Clinton in the nuts and tell him DOMA was a bonehead move.



  1. Yet Kim Frickin' Kardashian can get married any time she wants... and I believe Bill is regretting more of a few things he did and this is probably one of them (along with making Haiti dependent on US rice and agriculture).

    I like to remind people in my state (NY) that it is important that we stand up for these issues in our own state because the rest of the nation looks to NY. So even if folks don't that local actions count... they can! Elect local officials that are LGBT friendly too.

  2. America the land of the free...unless you are different from what is considered the "norm". It makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I kick him twice? Once for being stupid and another because he shouldnt have been that stupid

  3. I'm with you all the way on this one!!

  4. Sluggy,thank you and thank you to all your Friends. It's 5:30a.m. and I'm just beginning what will be another crazy and rushed day.
    It's hard to believe how many people have shared our story and I'll never have enough time to thank them all. I'm hoping that they know I appreciate what they are doing.
    Once again, thank you for this. And just to let you know, I was at that Immigration Equality rally shown above.
    Your Friend, forever, m.


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