Friday, January 27, 2012

What I've Done....Er, Mostly Avoided This Week

On Tuesday I dragged my self out of bed long enough to take #2 son to the eye doctor.  He had failed the vision test at school...uh oh.....

At the doc's office, #2 son learned he has joined the family "bad vision" club on Tuesday, as he is now nearsighted.
Plus got the astigmatism from dear old mom's genes.
Double bonus!

I had my vision checked as well since it was time and yes, the doddering old mom's eyes have gotten worse in the last 2 years.  Pretty soon they'll be fitting me for a white red tipped cane and/or a big guide dog in a harness to haul my carcass around.

I don't mind eye exams.
It's the picking out new frames I can't stand.
Why must they change all the styles every 2 years?!?  I find a style that doesn't make people turn away in disgust at my face and then the next time I need a new frame, the style is gone and I have to ferret out another style that works with the few good points on my visage.
It's so totally unfair I tell ya!

After the psyche scarring episode over at Pearle Vision Center, #2 son and I went down the strip mall to Ollie's.
Ollie's is the local discount/closeouts store, much like a Job-Lot, Odd-Lot, or the now defunct Value City.  I am a card carrying member of Ollie's and they had mailed me a 15% off Coupon to use before Valentine's Day.

Since I've spent so little from the food budget this month, we stocked #2 son up on vital junk food and I got a few deals as well......

I got 5 boxes of kitchen bags-45 count for $4.24 after 15% discount.  A real good price!  Between this lot and what I already have in the stockpile that I got for no OOP at Rite-Aid over the course of last year, we should be set for garbage bags at least until the Fall.
4 bottles of 100% juice for $1.69 each.
3 jars of mandarin oranges for $1.35 each(ignore that 1 is already empty!lol)

Then for #2 son's dining pleasure....
4 boxes of Mac and Cheese "crack" for .76¢ each.(close-out because it's jack-o-lantern shaped)
2 packages of cookies for .76¢ and $1.69.
1 package of kettle popcorn for $1.27.
And a huge 2 foot tall container of pretzel logs for $4.24. *Not pictured as it's already disappeared into the depth's of his room.*

I spent $43.01 with tax.

Afterwards we met Hubs and went over to Denny's so I could cash in my Free Birthday Grand Slam Meal Coupon.   Mmmmm.....French Toast, a couple of eggs and assorted breakfast meats made my tummy happy.  #2 son got a Grand Slam and Hubs got a Chicken Sandwich.  We dropped a $20(including a righteous tip) and headed home.

And other than chauffeuring duties, I haven't left the house since then.
I wander around the house and think about cleaning and decluttering or doing laundry and then I go lay down and rest instead.
Or I go read emails/blogs until the feeling passes and then I go lay down instead.

I can't seem to shake this thing.  Being sick on your birthday blows, ya know?
Plus I've been in a major funk.  Having relationship issues with the daughter lately doesn't help.

Don't mind me.  I'll just be over here in the corner wallowing in self-pity for a bit longer.



  1. I'm farsighted. When I take off my glasses to try on frames, I can't see the frames I'm trying on. It's a real pain. The solution was to take hubby with me, since I trust his judgment. The other option was to take digital photos of myself in the try-ons, then slip my glasses back on to see how they look in the pics.

    Since you'll be seeing better soon, I hope you feel better soon, too.

  2. Can I join you because even though my son seems loving and kind this week his sister is trying to kill me long distance from school. Because she never has enough money(um you work you spend), all her friends have new cars(she doesnt even have a permit) and everything else I have done wrong since the begining of time.

    Its not the boys who kill us its the girls. But it will be just email and yell at me when you need to talk.

    Other than that feel better

  3. You'd better get over that sickness. I guess it is not stomach sickness or you would not have been able to withstand the Grease (oops, I mean the Grand) Slam. Is your Ollie's called, "Bargain Ollie's"? B.O. (that sounds bad) may only be around here. I was curious to know if they have B.O. where you live. Where do you live, anyway? I keep thinking it's down South, but are you actually up in PA??

  4. Annie--Now that's a sensible solution to the problem!
    Even tho I am nearsighted I still can't get the mirror close enough to my face to see the frames well enough.
    I guess I am just blind, huh?lol

    Judy--I think the girls are worse! Mine has decided to changer her whole career path as of last week. She wants to sit her ass home all summer(because the boyfriend is here)and work a 10 hr a week job for min. wage so she can hang out and eat pizza with him, instead of working the full time camp counselor job she was suppose to work. I told her if she is doing that then she is paying rent this summer. Yes, I lit the fuse on a war with those words!lol
    All I ask is that I get her grown and on her own before I have a stroke.

    444--I think the proper name is Ollie's Bargain Outlet(their catch-phrase is...good stuff cheap!lol) They started out here in PA but they are in about a dozen states or so now. Been shopping there since we moved here in 2000. Got some of my better eBay sellers there when I did that
    The illness was a cold/sinus variety. No stomach issues this time. I have big old pain in the ass daughter, does that count? ;-)


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