Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We May Be Poor, But We Are Happy was hacked!!

Judy wanted me to post that her blog got hacked into today.  She says she'll be up and run as soon as she get things fixed.  Right now if you go to her blog, it's showing no blog exists by that name/url.

I'm sure everyone joins me in saying Good Luck Judy!


Judy has a new blog!  
You can find it over HERE.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I was worried!!

  2. Judy! If you are reading this, I tried to reply to your email but it keeps coming back as undeliverable to your mom's email addy.

  3. Oh, no! I hope she is back up soon.

  4. WT???? Did Judy do something naughty again?

    All kidding aside that blows. I hope it gets fixed.

  5. Thank goodness you mentioned this! I went on there yesterday and it was poof! gone!


  6. Holy hackers!! That's like having all your scrapbooks stolen!
    I hope she gets it figured out and fixed soon.

  7. trying to get it up and running today after work hopefully. If anyone needs my email its smithk at aol dot com. At least I had it saved to a sticky thing so hopefully it can be fixed


  8. Thank you so much!! I just asked Morrison. This is very helpful. Poor girl.

  9. Judy,
    glad you're ok. waiting anxiously for you to return. if not, start a new blog, let us know here and we'll get the word out.

  10. JUDY!

    So glad to "see" your still around!! And please, keep us updated on how things are going! You have a dedicated following who worry about you!

    A dedicated reader

  11. Thanks for the update, I panicked when Judy's blog was not available. Keep us posted please. Florida Space Coast

  12. I sent Judy an email but it was denied.

    Any more info? Updates?

  13. Oh my I was worried, Have to have my Judy fix.

  14. i'm with pammycakes...need my judy fix hope things work out soon...ronaldj

  15. I miss reading Judy's blog. Any news as to when it will be up and running?


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