Friday, January 20, 2012

Time for Another Brain Dump....Birthday Edition

*  Lately I have been feeling like the giant hand of the Universe has got me by the leg and has been twirling me in the air, at a high rate of speed and then letting me go.  At this point the laws of matter have stopped applying to me and all the molecules that make up my body fly off like a billion tiny little ball bearings into space.
Ok....that's just my crazy way of saying I feel bad physically and mentally I've lost my center.

I'm so unfocused mentally and I can't do beyond basic functioning.  My thoughts are scattered, my energies are scattered.  I have so many 'things' to see to, but I can't seem to settle my brain enough to concentrate on a consistent thought long enough to accomplish any thing.

My eBay store is sitting empty.  I have tax papers all over the dining room table.  Bags of Sallie's donations sit in the garage.  I still don't have my Goals for 2012 worked out yet. And I can't even find the energy to pick up after myself or clean the house.  There is no forward movement on anything around here!
If I had some energy at all, my current state would drive me nuts.

*  After posting last week about Mark and his family's plight I noticed I lost a few followers.
Now the timing may just be coincidence......or not.  And I didn't even think that my dwindling numbers of fans was because of my supporting of a 'gay' issue until Mark mentioned that taking a 'pro gay rights' stand on an issue might cause this kind of backlash with some folks. I didn't see it that way, because frankly I don't see his case as a gay rights issue but rather as a human rights issue.  If what someone does is not hurting you or someone else, why the fleck should you care what they do in the privacy of their own lives?  Do I have to give my "fill in the topic is like a penis" speech again?!?
Let's be loving on each other, not hating.

*  My long anticipated Couponing Seminar....ok, it was really more like a Talk than a Seminar....happened yesterday.  I couldn't sleep the night before, due to nerves and the fact that I was fighting off a sinus infection.  I was scared I would lose my voice halfway through it because of the throat issues I was having.
Even with my before mentioned scattering energies issue above, I was able to cobble something together at that last minute, that sounded halfway coherent and rational.
And I want to thank each one of you who offered thoughts and advice last week on how to approach this thing. I appreciate and took under advisement everything you all said! 8-)

Of course since it's a subject I intimately know and it is well known that given the opportunity I will talk until given "The Hook" and yanked offstage, I did babble on a very long time.  And yet, I still didn't cover everything that was pinging off the walls inside my head.
The best thing was that most of the crowd(and the gal in charge did say it was a rather large crowd, so they must have been interested in the subject matter)enjoyed it and I feel got something out of what I droned on and on about.  This certainly must has turned some off of the idea of couponing and living frugally within a budget but I'm hoping it might have sparked at least a few to explore the subject matter and take steps to change how & how much they spend at the stores.

Since we didn't get around to the nitty and the gritty of matching up sales to Qs and planning a shopping trip I offered to work one-on-one with anybody who wanted more assistance and shared my email addy.  I don't need to do this to make an income, so I can afford to be altruistic with it.  If I can help people save money and time then I am happy to help.

*  My Birthday is tomorrow.  It sucks because I am feeling physically sick(along with that mental exhaustion thing I have going on).  I thought it was the flu, as Hubs was down with a bad cold/flu bug last week.  I think mine is more of a sinus infection though.  #2 Son stayed home from school yesterday as he was feeling ragged and slept all day long.  We told him to stay home tomorrow(which would be today)as well and take the weekend to get better.  3 hours later, as I was typing some of this missive late last night, he came downstairs and promptly threw up all over the downstairs bathroom.

So feeling sickly, cleaning up puke and having a Birthday got me into a morose mood and all I can think about now is.....

How the hell did I get this old?
Can somebody tell me please!
I'm watching videos of songs from my youth and I feel like that 16 year old teenager inside, who heard these songs the first time, but the face looking back at me in the mirror is some alien I don't recognize.
Whoever stole my youth, I would appreciate it's return, pronto!
No charges will be pressed and there might be a small reward in it for you. ;-)

*  SonyaAnn got me thinking with her "Bullets Post" of a couple of days ago.  She shared some personal stuff about herself, as well as some wacky anecdotes regarding her life.
I think I want to try something like that on this old blog too.

I started drafting a list of "Things You Don't Know About Me" back in September and I've been adding to it over the months now, when I get inspired.  I am thinking about making it a regular feature with it's own page.  When I add an item on my list,  I'll post and talk about that item.
I must warn you that most of the stuff is silly and weird, but some of the stuff is really really personal.  It may be uncomfortable to read since some of it's not "happy stuff" and I'm not totally sure I want to share those things with every heavy breather weirdo with internet access across the global.
But on the other hand, I'm an old lady and I've got nobody to impress any more, no career to protect and I'm at the age where I can't give a crap what anybody thinks of me or knows about me(mostly), so I may just let this rip.  Any thoughts from anyone on doing this?  Would you?

* The blog stats this week haven't changed much.  I will tell you that if you want search hits, mention Mormons on your blog.  Mormons are "hot".
I am still getting many many hits from "cat hoarding" and "cat hoarders".  Why specifically cat hoarding??  Why not dog hoarding.....or teapot hoarding......or money hoarding.  You would think that if I mentioned Mormon Hoarding I would rake in the blog hits, huh?
Another top search word this week has been Joe Btfsplk.  Who knew so many people search this name/word online??lol
And another strange current stat I found......the country with my second highest hits are located in.....Slovenia.  I'm far from the world's answer to Sherlock Holmes but putting two and two together..... it just occurred to me that maybe there are a lot of folks named Btfsplk in Slovenia? ;-)

Of course, NOW I've offended the country of Slovenia.
There go my page views!......

I think it would be fun to post once a week on the blog some random topic, just to see what kind of keyword page hits it would generate, wouldn't you?

* And I leave you with an awesome site to check out.  Most of the online planet has heard of "etsy".  You know it....that eBay-esque site for selling handcrafted and vintage items.
Well let me introduce you to Regretsy.
This is the dregs and "bottom of the weird barrel" from etsy and other online sales sites, or as the site's owners describe it, "Where DIY meets WTF".
It's a great time waster and good for adding a few chuckles to your day.  I especially liked their Christmas Advent Calendar last month, where they daily added a horrible "why would anyone buy that as a gift for someone else?!?!" handmade Christmas gift that was for sale somewhere in cyberspace.
Hys-pee your pants funny-terical!

I bet when folks from Slovenia aren't googling Joe Btfsplk, they are buying and selling Regretsy-worthy crafts.

Heading back to bed now.  Don't make me have to come back on here and yell at any of you crazy kids!
There!!.....NOW I sound like my age.



  1. Sounds to me like you just have too many things going on right now. If I were in your shoes, I'd focus on getting rid of that sinus infection first. Feel better and the rest might start falling into place.

  2. Happy birthday! Lets hope the gloomsdays go away and you perk back up soon. I get like that sometimes and I'm not old :P.

    Feel better!

  3. At first I thought I was experiencing a stream-of-consciousness, but realized it had become a full stream spew! Lady, I hope you can manage to relax -- do you have any Nyquil? And a shot of something to go with it? And I must tell you the one thing I am beginning to hate the most about advancing age, is my chin.

    Keep yours up!

  4. I hope you feel better soon! What a yucky way to spend your birthday.
    I had no IDEA Mormons were such a hot commodity! I'll have to figure out a way to mention them on my blog next week...

  5. Happy Birthday! Have you been using your Neti pot? You may need antibiotics to get rid of it this time. Get well soon ;)

  6. Damn you had to put that last line in. Mark and I were heading over your house with a six pack and a pizza..we would have fun. Now its just gonna be me with the pizza and Mark with the beer and you in the middle. Sounds like some kind of kinky threesome...not that kind..geez

    Happy Birthday my friend

  7. Sluggy,
    You sound like you are in a real funk brought on by sinus problems and too many things staring at you. Be glad your son didn't have a problem at both ends like I chronicled in excrutiating scatalogical detail for the pleasure or pain of my readers.

    I really wanted my mother to come clean up after me. When you clean it up yourself, you are apt to carry something around to catch the vomit. However, poop just runs down the leg and into shoes...yeah. it did.

    I lost two followers after I posted about Mark's dilemma. Mark, it's okay.

    You could take a break and not write for several days while you stay in bed. I cannot believe I said that!

    When I look out at the world, it is the same. When I look in the mirror, I am shocked and wonder where the girl went. This must be a universal phenomenon.

  8. "Ok....that's just my crazy way of saying I feel bad physically and mentally I've lost my center. "-We are in the same universe. I'm either dying, sick or just a b****. I'll get back to you when I figure it out.
    I lost a few followers too. I would blame it on the fact that some people are stupid and others just delete their blogs. That's what I tell myself when I lose a few. LOL
    "Mormon Hoarding"-Even in a funk you can make me laugh out of control. I don't know if that is one I want to try tho. They are kinda weird.

  9. Sluggy, you need to get rid of the sinus infection. You will fee l SO much better. You are a nicer mom than me. If someone that is not me pukes in my house, they clean it up themselves.

    Happy birthday!

  10. It's a whole year later and I hope your sinus infection is cleared up. I was looking for "sweet pickled bums" and came across your site. I made a jar of sweet pickled bums years ago as a Christmas gift to my boss who is a gastroenterologist. If you know anything about medical specialties, you will know that gastroenterologists do a LOT of colonoscopies, so I thought the sweet pickled bums would give him a laugh. Well, 25 years later it is still on his shelf and still shown to would-be patients and other medical staff alike. It was such a hit that I'm going to make a few more and see if the "fad" has regenerated itself yet !


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