Monday, January 23, 2012

Songs for a Grey Day..... & A Secret Revealed

Go HERE for a snappy song to lift your spirits.
And Big Kenny.....that would be the tall one of the two......I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating crackers in it.

And here's my country music street cred.
This guy is a distant cousin.  You may have heard of him before?

And for a laugh, did you know he was a Champion on Star Search in the '80s?
Love the



  1. Big is good, but I don't care much for Rich.

    And Phil Vassar? Ooh la la la, looking good...

    Ok, maybe I'm not quite THAT crazy over him, but I had to get the Carlene reference in there. And I do like the way he sings.

  2. I will take the one next to Big Kenny!

  3. Distant relative huh?! Did I ever tell you that I'm related to the dad on Little House on the Prairie via a divorce? Yeah... I'm THAT cool...
    My uncles ex married into Michael Landon's family. A cousin or something.


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