Monday, January 23, 2012

Is it Really Monday AGAIN?!?!

* Being sick on your birthday sucks.  Ok, so this isn't startling news to anyone.  As of this morning, I do feel like I have turned the corner on this thing however.  I am drained of energy still but I am on the mend.

* Being sick for a week turns your Meal Plan into a Meal Disaster.  I made a few things this past week but lots of other things didn't get eaten, still other things didn't get put into the freezer in time(which makes me sick again to thing about the waste) and the fridge needs a good clean out.  The freezer, pantry and stockpile as well could use a good clean out also.  Having the offspring home and pawing through the freezer, pantry and stockpile means nothing is in it's place.  Daughter hauled back 2 bags of foodstuffs to college(which I didn't inspect or "ok" before it left the premises)so if anything comes up missing, I KNOW where it

* Being sick while trying to show your 19 year old daughter how to do her taxes is NOT found under "Fun" in the dictionary.   Come to think of it, neither is doing your own taxes and TWO, COUNT 'EM TWO FAFSAs......

* Being sick is not conducive to figuring out ones Goals for the new year.  I know everyone is probably bored to tears with my Monthly Food Budget spending reports and my Monthly Savings Challenge reports and my Weekly Meal plans and the little bit of Shopping I do each week(IF I do any).

So what say you dear readers?.....should I continue with these reports and plans? 
How about I bring back the Sluggy's Boring Box Giveaway?


I will have my List of Goals for 2012 later this week.
Hey, at least I'm getting them done before January is over!



  1. I'm glad you're on the mend! Yeah - it's kind of hard to stay on budget when you can't even feel up to staying on top of it.
    Feel better lady!

  2. I think you should do what helps you. FAFSA just please do not say the word FAFSA again! Actually I like to read other reports it makes me fell guilty and this seems to work for me. Jewish mother, you say?

  3. I actually enjoy your monetary figures and meal plans. I would post my meals but I never know what I'm going to fix till that evening LOL. Bring in the giveaway, although I never win :(

  4. I like the dark-haired guy! A post this week will be about the waste when I was ill. That just kills me. I cannot afford it at all.

  5. You haven't posted for a few days, I hope that you aren't sick again. I like to do that-get sick then better and then start from the beginning again.
    I am just now feeling as if I'm getting back into my routine. Having kids home from school and on break can make a mess of a nice peaceful life. I think that I'm getting spoiled.
    And Den's work doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get the tax papers out. Last year we had to make corrections to the FAFSA so my CPA FIL said just wait. But I'm getting a bit antsy.


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