Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Feelings & Progress

Well my back gave out sometimes between Friday evening and Sunday morning.
This means I didn't get all the potential toy sale boxes gone through in storage before the weekend was over.

I have sorted many of them however.

I also got all the shelving put together and arranged in the garage.

 I have 40 shelves, 1 banquet table with a shelf on top, 1 card table, 1 tea cart, 1 patio table & 2 storage tubs I can use to put items on(fragile/heavy items like ceramic cookie jars, etc. that the shelving can't hold).  If needed I can also put the pool deck storage box in the driveway and display more items on that.

And I got the Advertising Flyer designed and ready to print.

Now I need to dust off and price all the items in the garage and put them out for display since there are so many boxes of items out there now you can't even walk
After I get that all priced and out(the empty boxes go into storage in case I need them to cart what doesn't sell to charity), I'll get back to going through what is left in storage.
I am tired.

And I am emotionally raw too.
It sucks to be me right now, but I know I have to face these feelings so I can get past them.

Going through all these boxes of items and deciding what to do with them has been rough.
I've had to confront some bad memories.......from a time when I wasn't very happy and bought some of this stuff.
I've had to confront things about myself.
Things like...what made me buy all this stuff in the first place.
Things like.....the waste of money.  I made money on this stuff but not being able to sell what is left and hanging onto it has cost money.
Things like....not making decisions for so many years on some of this stuff.  Not being able to let it go!
Things like....throwing good money after bad and not just cutting my losses sometimes.
Things like.....letting some of this stuff take over my life.
Things like.....feeling like a hoarder.  It runs in our family so I have to keep an eye on myself.

Spending so much time with all this crap just makes me depressed. 8-(

But I know I am getting better.
Because if I had tried to sell all this crap last year for as little as I am going to charge, I wouldn't have been able to go through with it!
This tells me that I have loosened my emotional hold on these "things".....or have they loosened their emotional hold on ME?!?!

At any rate, I'm done dealing with this stuff for today and tomorrow I'll continue to make preparations for the sale.

Here's hoping your Weekend brought you some time off or good progress toward a goal!



  1. Sluggy,
    We cannot help what is in the past, not at the moment. "When we know better, we do better." I forgot where I heard that. Sometimes, I believe time is what it takes. No one can force an emotional issue to make it better.

    Actually, I did make progress--I gave away or sold 800 books last year. I am going through the rest of my books and purging them. I will still be left with over 1000 books even if I purge another 800.

    I am setting possessions aside, things stuck to me by emotions, to get rid of by selling, passing on, or thrifting. I hope your back gets better and your sale nets lots of money.

    Money spent? Well, you have stopped, so try not to focus on the past for too long. Oh, you are like me, have to get out the emotion and poke it and examine it to finally make it go away.

    I find that storing boxes is easier if I break them down. Tape makes them all better and ready for use again. At least it saves on space, maybe paid space for storage of them.

    I like your pictures and wish I had those, I am too far away to come to your sale.

  2. What's funny is that I was just about to ask you why you had so much stuff and then you answered it in that self-contemplating paragraph.
    I'm glad that you are moving on and moving that stuff out.
    I hope that your back gets better soon. Also, do your neighbors look at you like you're a crazy woman?

  3. Ah yes, the whole "letting go" situation. It is hard, but -- cliche tho this is -- it really can be freeing :) I hope your sale goes extremely well, because that will definitely help you to feel better about the entire thing!!

  4. I love you, I really do. You are one of my good friends, you have helped me more than you will ever know. I too, am going through some emotional crap. You would think that when you are our age you would have a handle on ourselves. Hmmmmm maybe this life needs to be in constant motion so we grow. And sometimes growing sucks and hurts.
    I love you and I'm so proud of you for overcoming so much. You impress me.


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