Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Discount Grocer Shopping Love

One way I keep my grocery bills in check is to frequent discount grocers now and again.
There is one called "Pand R Discounters" downtown in the valley here(with a second location up North of Scranton too).
I ran into the downtown location last Friday while Hubs and I were over that way and cherry picked a few deals.........

12 pack of pudding for $2.29
Box of Lasagna Noodles for .99¢
Box of lemon Cake Mix for .39¢
2 cans of Mushrooms for .59¢
Can of Chipotle Peppers for .59¢
1 lb. bag of Coffee(Irish type)for $1.99
2 bottles of Salad Dressing for .59¢

The "Irish Coffee" intrigued me....it will be either really strong or made with potatoes. lolz

I also got 3 x Limes for 10¢ ea., 1/2 lb. of turkey breast for .50¢(I think that pack was mismarked?), a Cuke for .49¢ and 2.21 lb. of Yellow Squash for .79¢ lb.

These Nathan's uncured Beef Franks were .99¢ ea.
Total spent $13.63.

On Saturday we found ourselves out in Mifflinburg PA to attend an event.
On the way into that town we saw a grocery store called Wenger's.

I googled it and it is an Amish owned discounters like the two I have been to before-one in a town West of us where we frequent a good brewery there and the other is on the route to Ex-College Boy's ex-college(which I haven't been near since he graduated).
So I talked Hubs into checking it out on the way home.
All I can say is "Oh MY!" and that I am in love.
This Grocery Outlet is double the size of the other two I've been to and cleaner.
Hubs was in a bad mood(he was wet and cold from the outdoor event we had just come from as it was raining cats an dogs all danged day, so I couldn't take my everlovin' sweet time in there, but I did bring a cart full of goodies home.  And the prices?! OH MY!! They were awesome!!!
I think we need to move out near Mifflinburg.......lol

Here's what I got..........and I swear if I get any "that stuff is unhealthy comments" I'll ban your ass!  I am in no mood for it.

2 boxes of Smithfield Sausage Biscuit for $1.49 each(We ate one box before the photo.)
2 rolls of Jamestown Sausage for .99¢ each
2 packs of Oscar Meyer Bacon for $1.99 each(Evan Williams Bourbon variety)
2 packs of Aidell's Chicken Meatballs w/Mozzarella for .99¢ each

I don't have much freezer space right now so I had to restrain myself to just this bit.  I swear I will empty my chest freezer and go back in the Spring and fill it up with roasts, ground beef and raw chickens.  I have a mission now! lolz

On to the canned/pantry goods(prices are per package)........

1 x DeCecco orecchiette .79¢
2 x Easy Mac .99¢
2 x Pad Thai sauce mix .25¢
2 x Quaker Oatmeal .99¢
2 x Rice Select arborio rice $1.69
2 x #2 coffee filters(100ct.) 79¢
2 x Fleischmann's yeast strips .50¢
1 x Dipn Classic Hummus  .99¢
8 x Jiffy Cornbread mix .25¢
1 x Winn Dixie Coffee Creamer .99¢
1 x Sun Luck Plum Sauce .99¢
1 x Heinz Honey sweetened Ketchup .50¢
1 x Louisiana Hot Sauce  .99¢
1 x Rufus Teague whiskey BBQ Sauce .99¢

2 x Field Harvest canned Tomatoes .59¢
2 x David's Deli Bagels .99¢
6 x Kroger Tomato Soup .50¢
4 x Wylwood Chili Beans .25¢
2 x Gulden's Brown Mustard .50¢
2 x Harris Teeter French Onion Dip .50¢
4 x Del Monte Mandarin Oranges cups .59¢
1 x 4C Bread Crumbs .99¢
1 x TGIF Peach Smash BBQ Sauce .99¢
1 x Dell's Maraschino Cherries $1.39(for a cookie recipe)
2 x Honeycup Sharp Honey Mustard .59¢
4 x Imperial Mushrooms .75¢
4 x Casa Fiesta Green Chiles .25¢
2 x Jello(grape) .50¢
1 x Knorr Mexican Rice and Beans .79¢
2 x Vigo Red Beans and Rice .50¢

And last but certainly not least, this mother of all jars of JUMBO Green Olives...........

Mario Olives(80 oz. jar) $3.99--that's .05¢ an ounce for Olives!
Have I ever mentioned how much I love olives???

Grand Total spent at Wenger's.........$56.53 (including .10¢ tax on the coffee filters).

Some deals were great(do you know how much arborio rice costs?), some were just good(things we needed anyway at a good price),some were impluse buys(we hadn't eaten lunch yet)and some were Hubs choosing(creamer, filters, red beans and rice).  The olives were all me *Sluggy strokes the jar and says, "Precious.........Precious".*

And there were aisles I didn't even go down and look, because well, "hello" grumpy wet cold Hubs, and the store was humongous!
When was the last time you left a regular grocery store spending $56.53 and a FULL CART to show for your efforts?!?

I am in love with this store and like McArthur, "I shall return!".



  1. I want to ban people who tell me the obvious, like what diabetics should not eat, listing everything in my post! Those are really good prices. I wonder if there are anything like that in or Birmingham. I may have had one olive in the last thirty years!

  2. Holy cow, those are great deals. Canned chilies here are usually $1.99 and .99 on sale. Nobody should be judging your grocery buys - to each his own

  3. Oh my word, you have to take me there someday. People really comment about your groceries? really? They need more to do. Miss you.

  4. I am both impressed and jealous!
    Who give a flying crap what anything eats, much less feels the need to judge? Oh yeah, the internet trolls!

  5. Oh my, I would love that store. I go visit a friend in Kentucky every few years and basically empty out my largest suitcase with stuff for her so I can go to the Amish discount stores. They are the best! Take care.

  6. Irish coffee normally has whiskey in it so that is probably a flavoured coffee.

  7. They must think we're all rich out here in SW PA. I can't find any stores like that within 100 miles! There is a Sav-a-Lot a few miles from me, but it is in a not particularly safe part of town, though I did shop there in the late '80s/early '90s. I haven't tried Aldi's yet. I get most of my groceries in my monthly trip to WalMart and supplement with weekly trips (mostly for produce, loss leaders, and items I can't get at WalMart) at Shop-n-Save (where prices are 30-50% higher).

    1. When my son lived in Pittsburg he shopped at Giant Eagle mostly because it was convenient and they sold beer(and he is all about the beer). I don't know where you are in SW PA but do you have a Smart Shopper there? I know there is one North of P'burg and some in Western VA. Are you close to the OH line? Maybe there is something over there as there are a fair number of Amish communities in OH too.
      If you can't find good deals in your area there is always the option of setting up a Food Co-Op if you have like minded neighbors and you don't mind doing the research and work to set one up.

  8. Is the Irish coffee meaning Irish cream flavoured coffee? Not my fav!

    I don’t think Ireland grows Much coffee!!!

  9. You guys sure do love your junk foods lolzzzz

    1. If by junk food you mean-tomatoes, mustard, pasta, rice, beans, chiles, breakfast meats, oatmeal, hummus, hot sauce, etc. I guess we do. You got a problem with that? You know what you can do with it.

  10. I would love it if we had a discount grocery store near us. We have Aldi's and Walmart. When my kids were small, about 30 some years ago, there was a dented food store near us that I always visited and shopped.

  11. Super deals!! Anything by Nathan’s for .99 is a great deal!

  12. Sluggy we have lots of those salvage food stores but I have to really watch myself. Interesting story: they truly don't know what they are buying. One store bought an entire shipment of candy and it almost ruined them. One of the stores I frequent sells a banana box of candy for 10$ my husband bought one and I did not know how much candy comes in hot or spicey form. Not my thing.


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