Saturday, November 9, 2019

Rite-Aid Hijinx This Week

Other than the Robitussin I bought on Wednesday I also bought this on Wellness Wednesday.........

There was a $3/1 WWQ that was specific to Gold Bond lotion-either the Diabetics or the Foot Scrub.
I paired $1.50/1 ManuQs with each bottle, so besides the 20% off for being Gold status I got $18 off with the stacked Qs, paying $10.94 in BC for all.

Gold Bond is part of a "Spend $30/Get $10 BC Winter Monthly Deal" too except we found out that the Foot Scrub does NOT qualify for that Offer after we rang it up.
So I am returning those 2 tubes later today.

The Diabetic variety does qualify for the deal plus qualifies toward the "Spend $50/Get $10 GC Beauty Deal" and I had a $1.50 Gold Bond Ibotta rebate in my account that I sent for(limit 2 per receipt so I got $3 cash back as well).
After the return I will be down $8.26 in BC(not counting the $3 at Ibotta)for the 2 bottles I kept.

After my BC I spent on the Foot Scrub gets put back on my account and the $1.50 Ibotta Gold Bond rebate reappears in my account there, I'll rebuy a different variety of Gold Bond that I have a ManQ for.
An update will follow once I finish off this deal.

On Friday I took the handful of Tresemme ManQs provided to me by "the kindness of strangers(like Blanche Du Bois, yes?)" and bought this..........

I tried to buy 4 in the first transaction but the $3/2 RA In-AdQ wouldn't let me use 2 of them in the same transaction.
The $2.50 wyb3 Tresemme Catalina Q shot out of the Catalina machine after she rang up the third bottle so even though the cashier cancelled the transaction she let me keep the Q. ;-)
Then we proceeded to ring up 2 bottles in a transaction and it went like this............

2 x Tresemme on sale=$10.00
I handed over 2 x $2.50/1 Tresemme ManQ and 1 x $3/2 Tresemme In-AdQ so $8 off, paying $2 in BC on the first transaction.
I couldn't use that $2.50 CatalinaQ because it was more than my total(and I didn't think to add something that was .50¢ to the transaction to use it. ugh).

After that transaction the $1.50 wyb2 Tresemme CatalinaQ spit out of the machine.

So used one of those for all the following 2 bottle transactions along with the ManuQs and the In-AdQ making each total 50¢ in BC(and earning another $1.50 CatalinaQ each time).
Only the CatalinaQ beeped because I forgot to hand that over before the other Qs and/or it had no product to attach to(4 Qs but only 2 items)and I didn't just buy a cheap filler item. But the cashier had a way to work around the beeping CatQ.

But a different cashier screwed something up on the third transaction(and then screwed it up again) and had to cancel and redo that transaction(twice)but $1.50 CatalinaQs still spit out both times she redid it and she handed them to me.  So I left the store with 3 bonus CatalinaQs...............

Total spent in Bonus Cash was--
#1 Tran  $2.00
#2 Tran  .50¢
#3 Tran  .50¢
#4 Tran  .50¢
#5 Tran  .50¢

$4 in Bonus Cash spent on 10 bottles of Tresemme.
And then the Beauty Reward printed on that last transaction since I "spent" $50 before Qs and I got this............

The $10 Rite-Aid Beauty Reward Gift Card.
I now have 2 of these between two of my accounts.

So we spent $4 in BC and earned $10 in gift card back on Friday.
And I have $5.50 in Catalinas to spent too in the next 2 weeks.

When I go in today to return the Foot Scrub I have 4 more Tresemme ManuQ to use as well. 8-)

I also got a "Spend $70/Get $7 off your next transation" Q on one of those transactions too so I have to figure out how best to deploy that once the Black Friday Deals get here. ;-)

Have you done any drugstore shopping lately?



  1. At some point, my brain went to mush trying to soak it all in that you did. So, I will have to reread. You did well.

  2. Wow! Great deals Sluggy! Wish I had checked your blog yesterday.

  3. I cannot seem to get to the spend all your bonus cash in 30 days. Just too busy to keep track. I figure if I visit you twice a year I am okay. So please stock up will you. *Snort* I miss you when can we get together again?


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