Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Rite-Aid Hijinks on Saturday

So I went back to R-A on Saturday and used the rest of my Tresemme Qs..........

After stacked Qs/Catalina I spent .50¢ in BC on one card and .53¢ in BC on another card(conditioners are subject to sales tax in PA but shampoo is not).
So I have $10 more in spending toward the Beauty Reward gift card on two different cards.

I also returned the 2 tubes of Foot Scrub I bought on Wednesday........

It gave me $10.94 back in BC and $3.96 back in cash due to the coupons that were used..........

I also returned an item bought a while back I had been meaning to return and I got cash back for that item instead of BC back.............

I think if your receipt is beyond a certain time limit they give you cash?  Neither the cashier or I know and I would have been happy with BC back on the card instead.
Whatever.  I'll tuck this $11.99 aside to use at R-A if need be.

I still need to purchase 2 bottles of Gold Bond to finish that $10 BC "Winter" Deal and that purchase will put me over $50 Beauty items spent and earn me a $10 gift card on a third card and I now have enough BC back on that card to cover that purchase.

More later as the Beauty Reward Gift Card drama unfolds.........


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