Friday, November 29, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the November 29th Edition

Let's have a look around at the past week and see what frugal wins happened.......

*  I got the Weis Freebie..........

A package of 2 pie crusts.
A very useful thing this time of year.

*  I found money!
Last Friday I spied a silver coin in one of the check-outs at Weis(PMITA)Maarkets on the way in.  It happened to be the worst cashier's line but as I stood in line I spied this coin on the floor next to the aisle where the canned fruit was..........

Then I picked up the silver coin........

It turned out to be a nickel.  There was also a coupon on the floor there too which I picked up. ;-)

Then I saw this beyond the checkouts...........

And then I saw this too before I got to the door to leave..........

Ok, not money but a sweet little binder clip.  Hubs loves clips of any kind so I Purel-ed it and gave it to him. lolz

On Saturday Hubs and I went out to run errands........

I spied this shiny penny on the floor in Target.  I directed Hubs to pick it up since he was closer.  Hubs then tried to pocket this find himself.  I explained that I only asked him to pick it up so I didn't mow him over to get to it because he was between me and the penny. *snort*

A quick stop at Aldi while Hubs stayed in the car for butter(limit 6 at $1.99 lb.).  A lady handed me her cart and wouldn't take my quarter so I gained a quarter there.

Another penny on another trip into Weis to get my free Turkey on Sunday.

On Monday I found these 2 pennies in Weis at two different places in the store.

Another penny while at Malacari's produce market by the register.

And then on the sidewalk outside Rite-Aid when I went to have an Rx refilled.

This penny under the candy shelf by the register at Rite-Aid on Wednesday when I picked up a prescription.

And this dime Thanksgiving morning by the register at Rite-Aid waiting to check-out.

Grand total of found change last week........74¢.

* I found shrimp on clearance for 50% off at Weis............

These packages of 5 skewers of shrimp were marked down to $2.50 from $5.00.  Each skewer has 6 shrimp and according to the weight the marked down price comes out to $4.00 lb.
Not the biggest shrimp but will be good grilled or taken off the skewers and put into Scamp or something.

*  Dixie has grown out of her little dog collar plus the ring is so small it's difficult to get here hooked onto the dog leash to take her out.
I cleaned out my desk drawer this past week and found something I hadn't remembered keeping..........

The dog collar for my chihuahua who died years ago.  It's wider and has a larger ring on it.  I just had to put her tags on it and adjust the length to fit her.  The collar is still in great shape.
I saved the cost of having to buy a new dog collar.  Have you seen what those can cost in a pet shop?

*  I used all my Weis Points before they expired on Thursday.......
I had 700 points so I got a free turkey(400 pts.), a $12+ smoked ham for $5.07(100 points)and .20¢ off my gas fill-up for the remaining 200 points.

I only earned just over 200 in Weis points from buying groceries during this time period so the other 500 points was earned from doing a survey each week(100 points per survey).

* I got my poll pay this week............

Wow.  Such a lucrative job!
2 hours of training and a 14+ work day comes out to $7.81 per hour. ;-)
But it IS tax-free so that's something.
Now what to spend it on, hmmmm.............

*  I made all the Thanksgiving food(except for the cranberry "glop")from scratch.......
I was especially glad I had almost everything to make the pies already in my food stockpile(just needed pie crust and got that as a freebie from Weis last Friday-see item above).

 Kim's Sissie might recognize this pie pan one of the Pumpkin pies was in.  ;-)

These no-bake Cherry Cheesecake Pies might not look like much since I waited until serving to put the Cherry pie filling on them but they were well received by the Turkey Day diners here.  8-)

That's about it that I can remember from this past week.
I am off shortly to hit Rite-Aid again. 8-)
If you go out into the insanity of retailing today please be careful!

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Let us know!



  1. It is amazing the money you found. People must have been stressed out to drop quarters and not retrieve them. I am planning on going out, but for a mattress cover that will keep allergens from my lungs. I won't be looking for bargains.

  2. Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

  3. I swear you find more money than anyone on the planet - the only way I find money is when going through hubs pockets while doing the laundry :).

    My frugal win this week was not leaving the house so we've had 5 no-spend days!!! Didn't get a free turkey, but bought 2 for 47cents/lb - 2 turkeys for $13 is a good deal in my book....although I would like FREE!!!

    Sue L.

  4. Sounds like you had a very frugal week. Your package arrived late this afternoon! Put a big smile on my face when hugs came carrying it in. He thought it was a box of rocks it was so heavy but his eyes sure lit up when he saw the He snagged the toothpaste too as he was about to run out and is what he uses. Love everything! Thank you so much.

  5. This weekend we are being frugal by going through the freezers and getting out the mystery packages to eat these before buying new things.

  6. 74¢ is more money for you, woo hoo! Sounds like you had a good and frugal week. Good deal on the shrimp.

  7. If I picked up a coin for you I would not give it to you just sayin. I had three pieces of pie yesterday, almost as good as a donut.


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