Friday, November 22, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the November 22nd Edition

Here's some of the frugal things that happened here this past week............

*  I got the Friday Freebie at Weis last week.....

A pack of paper plates can always be used around here.

*  I paid our 6 mos. car insurance.  Instead of mailing it and using a stamp I just stopped at the agent's office.

I also picked up free calendars for 2020 while I was there.

*  I found money!

A dime near the Customer Service desk at Weis last Friday.

And then a penny under the stack of shopping baskets near the register at Rite-Aid when I went to return something.

Another penny on Monday at Rite-Aid sticking out from under a shelf.

On Tuesday I found this old penny in the newspaper box return chute outside of Bob Evans.

And a trip for an Rx refill netted me another .27¢ from various places on the floor there.
This week's Grand Total for Found Change was .40¢.

* Speaking of Tuesday Hubs and I took a drive to another town to check out their Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)store.  I still had a 15% anything in the store flyer to use too.
Here's the only food thing I bought.......

A box of English tea bags that were on clearance for 50% off so I spent $1.99 OOP on food there. ;-)
A bunch of books did also come home with me at Ollie's discount price PLUS 15% off that too.

*  I was a little low on gas last week so I took a partially used gift card for a gas station here and used it.  It had been sitting forgotten in my glove box for almost a year.
$5.55 of gas was almost 2 gallons and that much goes pretty far in my little Sonic.  ;-)

*  Hubs and I went to Bob Evans for lunch one day this week.  We used a coupon.  I didn't find any money there but I brought home these margarine spreads we didn't use........

*  I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets again this week and bought this.........

3 x Finish dishwashing tabs
2 x Lysol toilet cleaner double packs(1 pack didn't make it to the photo shoot)
1 x gallon of Milk(also missing from the photo)
2 x packs of breaded pork cutlets(had $2 off meat stickers on them so almost 50% off)
1 x massive Stouffer's lasagna(on sale $12.99 but I had a $12 off DigitalQ)
Total after sale prices and Qs used came to $16.76.

I used my last P&G prepaid $15 gift card..........

And then I paid $1.76 OOP for this lot of groceries.
I still have a $25 gift card for the local Shursave store, free or discounted Target gift cards and $80+ in free gift cards for OSJL, along with all that refund/post q/found change CASH to deploy next month.

* Speaking of groceries and Weis I also did another feedback survey this week and now have 622 points to spend even though I've only actually "spent" $179.24 at Weis this month.
400 of those points will get me a free turkey for the chest freezer and I can use another 100 pts. for a reduced price meat/vegan-meat options and the leftover 100 points will be used for discounted gas for the Sonic.
Working the system the best I can.  ;-)

*  I earned .30¢ on Ibotta this week. 
Go me. lolz
Some weeks are like that but it's still .30¢ more in my pocket for something I was going to buy anyway, right?

That's about it from here for the week.

Let us know what frugal wins happened in your world this past week!



  1. Any amount of savings is good for me! But, did I get that right--a $12 coupon on $12.99 lasagna? That is a steal.

  2. Calendars, just do not see them anymore. They used to be free at the bank, drug store, general store, hardware store and many other places.
    Growing in the 50's & 60's. most homes had one in every room including the bathroom.

  3. Good for you to snag free calendars. I had to run around to find them last year. I caved and bought 2 already at Dollar tree as I need to remain organized. I did take 2 off of the counter at the bank the other day, however. I think we're set now.

  4. Went through the self check out at Walmart and someone left 89 cents change in the coin dispenser! I immediately thought of you ;) Earned almost $5 from Ibotta and got the three freebies from the app. Went to Light Up Night downtown, used our knowledge of the city to find free parking (people were paying $30 to park in a garage!!!!!) free cocoa, cookies, Santa hats, t shirts, hand sanitizers, pens, magnets and really nice play balls from a local arcade. They needed blown up but are sturdy, perfect size to use as a foot rest lol. Plus fireworks and music and it was a lovely free night with the whole fam, something that is harder and harder to do these days. JoAnn


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