Saturday, November 30, 2019

Après Rite-Aid

I ran out to Rite-Aid Thursday morning after getting the turkey on to roast.
After dinner and pie and the company left and the food/dishes cleaned up,  I started setting up my R-A haul on the dining room table.......

And that's as far as I got until I got home from Day 3 of Rite-Aid shopping and just dropped it all in bags on the floor in there..........

Tomorrow I'll start digging out and organizing all this loot.
I did get all 4 cards to 2 $10 Beauty Gift Cards so $80 in R-A gift cards along with all of this.

Hubs and I made the mistake of attempting to go to Kohl's on Friday around 10 am.  They had sent me a $10 gift of Kohl's scrip but you had to use it that day in store and we do need to replace one of our crock pots so whattheheck!
We walked in and saw the register line went almost all the way around the main aisle of the store back on itself so we just kept on walking, right outta there! lolz
I don't need that free $10 store scrip that bad. ;-)

So we stuck to Rite-Aid shopping this weekend.....between my BC, my Wellness discount and Qs we did well and no horrendous lines.

Ex-College Boy has survived his first Holiday Season working retail management too(well, once he gets home tonight).

A big storm is due in Sunday morning and is suppose to stretch well into Monday and beyond so we will be staying home until Tuesday at least.  We've got plenty of Thanksgiving food left so it's all good.
Frankly I'll be glad to be snowed in for a day or two.  8-)

So what has everyone else been up to this weekend?



  1. I don't think we could have done less today :). Since hubs is off for 4 days, we decided to do a Star Wars marathon and are watching the last movie right now.....guess we'll have to watch football tomorrow since we'll be done :). Making turkey pot pie for dinner with....what else, l/o turkey!!!

    Sue L.

  2. Friday, we spent hours and miles trying to find a doctor to get me a prescription for my diabetes. Saturday, watched Iron Bowl. War Eagle. I did nothing on Saturday except sit on sofa or lie on sofa. Nothing exciting here! Or even Interesting.

  3. Target is worse than ever with the “vanity sizing” so returned a bunch of online orders today. I’m 5’10” and their “smalls” are still kinda big so good luck to actual small people!

    Mother in law sent almost all the thanksgiving leftovers home with us so no grocery shopping this week. There’s no room for anything else so just picked up bananas at Target.

    Jen G.

  4. The only time I miss snow is when I think about being snowed in. I'd tuck myself in under a blanket on the sofa and watch TV all day without feeling guilty.

  5. We spent a good part of two days putting up Christmas lights on the outside of the house. It wasn't too hot out, so the job was manageable. When our extra helpers showed up ( the grand kids) it may have added extra time to the project lol.

  6. Yesterday I worked on getting notes together for a presentation I have to work on tomorrow. Today will actually be creating said presentation. I was going to put up Christmas decorations, but it go late, and it has been dreary wet here.

  7. Holy cow! You scored a lot at RA. All my drugstore shopping trips was a disaster. I'm glad BF is over and done


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