Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Saturday Shopping

Hubs and I hit the town South of us for a little shopping on Saturday.  We don't usually go out on the weekend to stores but the weather was so crappy we figured not a lot of folks would be out as usual.....plus we were getting a bit stir crazy.  '-)

After the first two stops below we hit a Chinese buffet place for a cheap lunch out that we haven't been to in years.
While Hubs paid the bill before we left, I wandered over to this fountain in the lobby..........

I resisted dipping my hand in and scooping up a load of change, but if KIM had been with me, I doubt I'd have been able to hold her back from wading in said fountain. lololz

On to the shopping!
First we hit Giant and here are the best deals I got there.........

They had Eight O'Clock coffee BOGOFree($5.19)so I got 4 bags=$10.38
I used 2 x $2.25/2 IPQs so $4.50 off=$5.88 for all 4 bags or $1.47 per bag.
I would have gotten up to 12 bags but they didn't carry the variety that Ex-College Boy likes and since these Qs don't expire until 12/31/18 I'll wait for this coffee to go on sale at Weis and used them there.

They had a special over the weekend, buy up to 4 boxes of select types of Cheerios for .99¢ per box.
These maple ones were part of that special so I got 2 boxes to try them so $1.98 for both.
But I also used a $1/2 Cheerios digitalQ attached to my Giant card so they were .98¢ for both or .49¢ a box.  8-)

There was a coupon for London Broil at $1.99 lb. if you spent $15.  I spent $15 so I picked up the largest prepackaged LB they had(almost 3 lbs.)and paid $5.81 for a hunk of meat regularly marked $21.87.
They also had Giant brand cheese marked $1.77 over the weekend so I got 3 bags at $5.31.  I had a digitalQ attached to my card for $2 off wys $5 on store brand cheese so all 3 cost me $3.31 or $1.10+ per bag.

Total OOP at Giant was $36.63 on $91.89 reg. retail of products.

Then we hit Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)and I hit the mother lode of 75% clearance items!!!

Everything I bought was 75% off!

2 x Avelina oatmeal .42¢ each
2 x Pop-Secret popcorn  .47¢ each (These are huge boxes!)
2 x Velveeta mac and cheese kits  .37¢ each (The kids will like this stuff)
2 x Velveeta skillets kids  .40¢ each(ditto)
1 x OEP taco shells  .25¢ each
4 x Marie Callender cornbread mixes  .32¢ each (I can't even make cornbread from scratch for that price.)
2 x Jello pudding  .20¢ each

3 x LOL Cappuccino K-pods  $1.00 each
2 x Maxwell House flavored coffee mix  .65¢ each

All the above came to $9.55, 75% off $38.20 Ollie's prices($61.30 reg. retail if bought elsewhere at full price).
I've hit my local Ollie's since Saturday at the above Ollie's and none of this stuff is on clearance there?????
So weird to find it 75% off at one store and not another......

We also hit Walmart for a few items of --a 2 lb. block of cheese, almond milk, frozen burritos x 2, coffee creamer.  $15.94 worth of food.  This stuff wasn't worth taking pictures of. lolz

They also had a mobile shelving unit of garden fertilizers for $1 per item by the door..........

I spent $5 on all this for next year's gardening.  Heck they were each marked $5 on clearance(before the $1 sale)so I know I got a great deal here!
It's all safely tucked away in the shed for next year.  ;-)


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