Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Here's What I Got From Rite-Aid Last Week

I had a $5 Catalina(gotten for buying Goodnites on 10/12)to use before Saturday when it expired so here is what I put together to buy last week.........

3 x Huggies GoodNites  on sale=$26.97

I used 3 x $2/1 GoodNites Q Cats to pay and that $5 OYNO Cat so $11 off=$15.97 paid for with BC.
I earned another $5 OYNO Catalina too.

Then on Saturday I went back to R-A and bought this..........

1 x GoodNites on sale=$8.99
2 x Huggies diapers on sale=$17.98

I used 1 x $2/1 GoodNitesQ and 2 x $1/1 Huggies Qs and the new $5 OYNO Cat so $9 off=$17.97 pad for with BC.
I earned another $5 OYNO Catalina too.

Then I bought 1 more pack of Huggies,  using the $5 Cat and a $1/1 Load2CardQ=$2.99 paid for with BC.
No more $5 OYNO Cats but I earned $20 in new BC(2 x $10 wys $30 on Huggies).

In the end I "spent down" my Bonus Cash on this card by $16.93 but after selling these 7 packs of diaper/overnight pants I'll have $35+ in new cash making me $18+ "up" overall.

I also got a $8 off wys $50 Catalina on that last transaction.  Unfortunately it expires Saturday so I have to use it this week or lose it and this week isn't a very good week at Rite-Aid.  I'll have to play around and see what I can do with it.  ;-)

I did lots of shopping on Saturday...a trip to Ollie's and a trip to Giant, reports coming up later today.


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