Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Buying Groceries on Vacation....Am I Weird?

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I am a simple woman who enjoys simple things in life.
When on vacation I have been known to buy groceries.
Yes, if I see a store I don't have around here(even some we do have here)I like to go browse and see if I can find some deals.
You just never know what you'll find because life is an adventure.  ;-)

So on the way down to Virginia last week we stopped at an Ollie's in Delaware that was along the way.
There is no sales tax in Delaware so right there is a savings!

I found peanut butter and honey flavored oatmeal packets for $1.49 per box.  Something different to try.
I also found a big squeeze bottle of blue cheese dressing for $1.69.
Cornbread stuffing is hard to find around here in Pennsyltucky(and that is at Thanksgiving-the rest of the year, fat chance!)so I picked this Stove Top brand bag of cornbread stuffing up for .79¢.

The Panko bread crumbs I found at the Grand Opening of a Dollar Tree in North Carolina for, you guessed it?, $1 per canister(plus tax).

I also found all this on clearance.........

The ranch dressing was 50% off so .64¢ per bottle.
The M&M's were 50% off(Valentine's colors)so $1.14 per bag.
The crackers were 75% off(and not stale either!)so .24¢ per box.
The MegaRed was 75% off(!!!)so $2.50 per bottle.

Altogether everything pictured in the 2 photos cost me $22.87(including the sales tax on the Panko).

Add to that that I found a dime on the floor in Ollie's and a nickel on the floor at Dollar Tree so I am OOP $22.72 overall.  ;-)

Not to be totally a nerd I did buy a couple of souvenir t-shirts on vacation too.

Do you like looking in grocery stores to see what sort of different things they have that your stores at home don't have?



  1. You are NOT weird at all! Just a super thrifty wonder saver. It is SO much fun to see and experience regional stores. I do the same thing.
    Sometimes a Wal-Mart, drug store or a grocery store are the only inexpensive places to buy a tee shirt or kitscy post card.
    Glad you had such fun visiting and exploring with Kim.

  2. Yes you are weird, just to answer your question.

  3. I love Ollie's, so I don't blame you for stopping at other locations. There's always some treasures to be found at their different locations.

    I'm jealous of that Ranch dressing price. I have to check my store.

  4. Besides trying to have some savings in restaurants, I loved going into grocery stores in France, Germany, and Belgium. When we travel, we often stock up. I think it is just part of traveling to know the local flavor-deals might be found as well.

  5. Seems normal to me but I'm also known as the crazy cat lady. ;) But checking out new grocery stores, dollar stores etc is my favorite part of a vacation.

    Jen G.

  6. I shop when i’m Out of town, too. I mailed some stuff home from Fl. when I went. So yah, crazy here, too! In my defense, we have very few good stores. I love Ollie’s, Trader Joe’s, Kroger. A bookstore would be awesome!

  7. the last place I want to see on holiday is a grocery store unless they have good ETOH and nibbles.

  8. If you are weird then so am I. I absolutely love to go into grocery stores in cities or states that I am visiting. My husband worked all over the United States and I just loved grocery shopping in different stores and seeing what they sold in that area of the US. First time I had ever seen fresh clams was when he was working in upstate NY.

  9. I do the same thing. I even bring my coupons on vacation. I have gotten some great finds while looking at clearance on vacation.

  10. I enjoy checking out grocery and bargain stores in other places when I am on vacation too! You never know what you will find in a place. And I too am a bargain hunter. Penny S.

  11. We travel with a cooler wherever we go for just this purpose


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