Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sorry for No Post Today

Between stuff going on here; taking care of Hubs, running him to the doc, running errands, taking care of Chester and the Grand dog, and getting sucked down a rabbit hole of genealogy(slogging through Colonial FFV PAGE family ancestors until I am cross-eyed)my day has disappeared.
gotta go make dinner now but I'll try to get my May To-Do List report done for Wednesday morning.

I don't know but I just feel sort of overwhelmed lately.
Too much to do?  Maybe.
Just can't deal with anything?  Maybe.

I saw this on Facebook the other day and it resonated with me.........lately I've been a "flat squirrel".

How about you?



  1. Maybe hubs free time and this last bit of caretaking has finally gotten to you.

  2. I am right there with you as a flat squirrel. LOL Too much going on. Too many changes. It happens. Hope things start to ease up for you.

  3. The FB thing you shared is certainly appropriate for me right now. I am stuck and don't really care that I am stuck. I want/need to go to the beach.

  4. Seasonal change is hard to change mindset. Maybe a day off everything and just for you to play or relax, whichever will best suit you.

  5. Love the sign. Saw a flat squirrel today. Sometimes I will go on YouTube and look up and 3 hours have gone bye.


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